Simplify Slow Down and Self Care

This is my mantra for 2018. I made it up on 1st January 2018. All my life I made things complicated and tried to do too much. Everyday I had a long list of goals and long things to do lists. I was constantly trying to prove to myself I needed to do this and that. Now I know I am enough. Marissa Peer Britain’s number one therapist has started a movement. I am enough. Some of you will be familiar with it. Winnicot wrote alot about good enough parenting and the importance of feeling good enough. To do this I HAVE REALISED YOU HAVE TO SLOW DOWN. Life is so fast paced now. Most of us feel we don’t have time to breathe. We feel we have to be constantly doing. Whether that constantly doing means checking our phone, checking our email, checking our Facebook notifications or working or exercising or nagging our kids to do this or that! But my question is why? Why can’t we just be and enjoy the here and now.? The biggest gift is the present. There is a dis ease we feel in just being in the here and now. This leads to us being estranged from ourselves. In simplifying and slowing down this really helps us to care about ourselves. I will talk more about that in my next blog and how being in the here and now helps and what does self care really look like and feel like and taste like. For now I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing now!

If you want support in simplifying or slowing down or want to learn about self-care, please schedule a clarity call using the link below:

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