Living not Surviving

If you want to live your life fully, and not feel like you are surviving here is some advice

To live you have to get out of your own way.

To live you, you have to take risks.

To live you have to get uncomfortable, really uncomfortable.

To live you have to ask yourself what do you want?

To live you need to be grateful for what you already have.

To live you need to ask yourself what makes your heart sing.

To live you need to invest time and money in yourself?

To live you need to start doing something you have not done before.

Your friends and your family may say you are being crazy.

Your head may say it is crazy.

Your heart may be something else.

You know you are tired of placing a rock again over your dreams and burying them and feeling the weight of that pressure.

Living is making the choice of not placing that rock over the dream and not throwing it onto the sea of tommorrow and not burying it deep in the ocean of never to be.

Living is making a choice of expressing your deepest inner most thoughts and desires to your nearest and dearest.

Living is deciding to stop living an isloated and lonely life.

Living is asking for help.

Living is choosing to let yourself be vulnerable.

Living is realising your strength can be your vulnerability.

Living is realising your vulnerability is your strength.

When you do all the above or some of the above, despite the panic and the fear it instills you, you instinctively know that you no longer can tolerate playing small.

You realise most of your life, all you have been doing is surviving.

When you do all or some of the above, you breathe from deep inside.

When you do all or some of the above, you start seeing life in a brand new way.

When you do all or some of the above, you experience joy.

When you do all or some of the above, you start living an authentic life.

Are you wanting to live an authentic life?

Are you tired of surviving?

Are you tired of putting yourself last?

Do you want to start living?

Do you want to stop surviving?

Then stop avoiding what your heart is telling you.

Stop putting it off.

Stop selling yourself short?

Stop living small.

Start living big.

Start dreaming big.

Start achieving big.

By taking action, book that clarity call with me.

I deliver results.

I teach you the difference between surviving and living.

I help your heart sing.

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