August 23, 2018

Being Part Two


I am.

I am a human being.

I am not a human doing.

Do you feel like you most of the time you are a human doing?

You rarely have time to just to be who you are.

You are too busy working, striving, worrying, parenting, caring, struggling, earning, cleaning, cooking, searching, reading, studying, posting, blogging, praying, giving, spending. shopping, waking, running or travelling instead of just being.

I know that just writing this blog has been a struggle for me because it has forced me to face some difficult truths.

The act of being

For being requires focus and attention and for you to stop, take stock and observe what is within you, around you and understand how you relate to your thoughts and feelings, to yourself and others in your life. Being requires reflection and acceptance of all that you are and then letting go of those thoughts and feelings that do not serve you. The act requires you to be vulnerable and to strip off the mask that you wear most of the time, that mask you use, to cover your flaws, imperfections, weaknesses and insecurities. The facade you choose to project to the world, so you appear untouchable, unstoppable, and highly functioning and hugely knowledgeable.

Stripping off that mask requires bravery and strength. This is because you need to look yourself in the eye and speak your truth to yourself.

You need to hold the mirror up close and really peer in. Then you need to acknowledge all the darkness within you, the ugly thoughts and the ugly feelings, that bitterness and that rage as well as all the love, light, joy and beauty deep in your heart.

Being is something so subtle yet so rich.

Being is relating to yourself and to others from your very essence.

Being is you just being you.

Being is you radiating your light.

Being is you radiating your love.

Being is you giving without expecting.

Being is you valuing yourself for the miracle that you are.

Being is more than existing, it’s more than surviving, it is more than living. Being is when you wake up and you breathe from your very essence. Being is doing everything throughout the day from the core of your soul. Being is behaving with integrity. Being is living your life’s purpose beautifully and fully.

Do you want to be the best you can be? Do you want to find out how you can be the best version of yourself? Do you want to learn how just to be? Watch out for another blog post from me in the next few weeks spelling out some strategies on how you can do this. For now you can stop take a few minutes out of your busy day doing and just allow yourself to be. BREATHE BE.

If anything in this blog has really resonated with you and you would like to discuss the subject further with Taniya privately then use this link.



Having qualified as a Social Worker in July 1991 from Coventry University, it has been over two decades that I have been on the front line working with children and young people who are traumatized and on the margins of society. Although I studied Psycho-dynamic counselling for two years at Goldsmiths College (1991-1993), I decided to integrate Psycho-dynamic theories and skills into my Social work practice and flirt with and immerse myself in studying Islam as well as interfaith dialogue and friendships. For the last 20 years, I have been working in a multi-disciplinary Youth Offending Team in South London, comprised of Professional colleagues from different faiths and cultural backgrounds trying to support young people in the criminal justice system. I am married and mother to three sons, and juggle Social Work and interfaith dialogue with my writing, studying and the needs of home and family.


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