Being Part Three. Finding your Why!

A wise woman that I know and and deeply love, once said to me:

It is the questions that you ask which are more important than the answers!

Indeed about a year ago, I started asking the question:

What do I want?

This one question lead me to develop my purpose. People often talk about finding your purpose but I instinctively know you never lose your purpose, it is buried deep within you. Your purpose is an intrinsic part of your being. However I know most of us are never taught how to develop it. Indeed developing your purpose, I have discovered leads you to a more authentic way of being.

This way of being, I never imagined but has lead me to experience sustained joy in my life. This joy is not momentary or temporary but sustained.

Strange I know, because the question what do I want, sounds selfish, egotistical even. I can hear some of you reading this feeling disgusted. How dare I ask what I want when the vast majority of people do not have what they need! It even sounds greedy.

However the one question made me wipe the fog in front of me and provided me with a clarity of vision.

Not only vision but I can hear, feel, smell, taste and touch the way I want to be in the future, I know the past cannot be changed though and so I am learning to let go of the previous way I was and the unhealthy ways of being and the ways of being that no longer serve me. This letting go is not easy but fundamental and really starts by forgiving myself.

Can you forgive yourself?

Can you allow yourself to ask what do you really want?

This one question has provided me with direction for the destination I am heading for.

And when I let myself experience the destination and experience the future as the present, that is sheer heaven.

But I could never experience it if I never asked:

What is it that I really want?

This question unravelled so many different other questions. It is a question most people are afraid to ask. Most of us ask: What do I want to do? What do others expect of me? Who should I be?

I know these shoulds lead to feeling trapped and feeling obligated, guilt and misery. But all these shoulds and feelings are a product and culmination of your unhealthy ways of being arising from your childhood, your schooling and the society you grew up in.

I know you have you spent most of your life just doing, giving to others and hardly ever giving to yourself. Maybe for some time you also feel you do not have ANYMORE to give. You feel the fire that was within you all these years to serve, has burnt out.

That is why I feel it is exciting and sheer serependity that you are reading this right now.

There is a fire within me that I always have possessed and that is, to warm tired and weary souls. But now the fire is raging much more and I know it will not burn out because I feed and replenish myself and give to myself. That is what I started doing when I asked that question what do I really want and I have been doing this ever since.

I want you to feel that fire again. I am on a mission to beat burn out. I have found my why and I invite you to find your why by signing up to the Interview Series I have been working on for the past few months.

The series is called Beat Burn Out. I have brought together today’s top Coaches, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Mentors to share with you their journey of how they find their why and how they made the transition from being a human doing to becoming a human being. You do not need to be a Social Worker or Health Care Professional to benefit from it, just a person who has spent the majority of your life giving to others and hardly giving to yourself.

You can sign up at

The best part about the Interview Series is that it is completely free.

I would love you to find your why and experience the joy I am feeling in my life.

Join me at

Find your why!

If anything in this blog has really resonated with you and you would like to discuss the subject further with Taniya privately then use this link.

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