Drowning in this sea of information! Wisdom in this technological age.

Wisdom is sought outside of yourself.

Most people seek it there.

The masters and teachers of wisdom know wisdom is within, wanting a way out.

Nowadays wisdom is mistaken for information not even knowledge.

To know something well that is something…..

To really know……

To be wise about what you know…..well ………

You embody that knowledge.

You live that knowledge.

You practice that knowledge.

Wisdom is beyond books.

Wisdom is like the fish that swam away in the famous story of Moses and Khidr.

You may see it for a second and then it is gone.

In this technological age where we are bombarded with information, you can feel you are drowning.

Too much to process.

So become like the fish in the sea and learn to swim.

Swim in the sea of your inner wisdom.

You know more than you think.

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