Permission is Key!

As a Social Worker for 28 years, I used to feel burn out was exclusive to people in that profession, then I opened my Business and started meeting all these Entrepreneurs who suffered from Burn Out and like me give to others and their Business but don’t know how to give to themselves.

Permission is the key to beat burn out.

But permission is something we find difficult to give to ourselves.

Permission to relax.

Permission to reflect.

Permission to ask questions about where we are going, why we want to go there and how do we get there.

Burn out is a phenemon that is sadly becoming so common in many different Industries as well as in the Caring Professions.

But I find what burns you out also reignites your soul.

Life is Paradoxical.

We all have a mission, a purpose and want to find kindred spirits like us.

But what fires you up can burn you out and what burns you out fires you up.

Who do you want to serve?

Why you want to serve?

How do you serve?

For me these are the questions that provide the answers but really deep ones that take years to answer?

After all the questions are more important than the answers!

Love to know if permission to relax and reflect is a struggle for some of you in this technological age where unplugging from technology is an ongoing battle?

Am I totally alone?

Indeed Abstaining from Digital Devices is something I advocate at least once a week for several hours and is the second step in all my Coaching Programs.

Abstaining from Digital Devices means you can have time and space to ask those questions and together via Meditation and Gratitude practices, you can be inspired and then take inspired action to pursue and develop your purpose.

In this day and age though it takes alot of discipline and will power to abstain from our digital devices.

They entertain us, tell the time for us, remind us, wake us up and we feel lost without them.

If you feel you cannot walk away from the device, I suggest that you put the settings on your phone on airplane mode and try that method for abstaining and see how that improves the quality of your life.

I thoroughly recommend you at least try for an hour to be away from your device.

It is a sure way to increase your energy levels.

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