Self-Care Sunday!

Self-Care Sunday is here well that is what I call it!

Self-Care isn’t selfish, it is necessary to survive and thrive.

Self-Care is giving yourself permission to feel, think, reflect, enjoy, eat, drink, sleep, ask and be vulnerable.

If you are one who gives to others and others expect you to always have the answers and sometimes the doubt that you do not know, leads you to screaming out the questions then STOP.

Self-Care requires to
ASSESS and there be

You do not need to justify Self-Care, explain or give excuses to anyone.

So after you have stopped today, think about how you are going to look after yourself today.

Assess how your body, mind and soul feels before and after the activity.

And make NO EXCUSES to anyone else on why you needed to.

You are not weak if you are finding things difficult or confusing or overwhelming.

A lot of us have to be strong for others, we hold space for others and that can be exhausting.

Sometimes we need to hold space for ourselves!

Remember your strength can be your vulnerability and your vulnerability your strength.

How will you hold and care for yourself today?

Happy Sunday!

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One thought on “Self-Care Sunday!

  1. When you’re self-employed, and in an unconventional business such as myself, it’s hard to designate certain days for rest on a regular basis. Thanks for some good tips.

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