To play or not to play!

Self-Care Sunday is here!
Having one day devoted to Self-Care is a start in a day and age where alot of avenues are open 24/7.

It is a start in developing a habit that we can then gradually incorporate into the week.

Traditionally living in this Christian country England UK Sunday was the day when shops closed and there was a slower paced day.

As a child I felt the slower pace and it allowed me permission to re-charge, play more and have a lie in.

Nowadays the slower pace is not in the external world.

We have to create it internally.

Self-Care for me is like re-charging my batteries.

Self-Care for me is giving myself permission to slow down, do one thing that lights me up and gives me joy.

Self-Care for me is giving myself permission:

To pause!

To close my eyes and relax!

To have that lie in during the morning or that afternoon siesta!

To play!

To be!

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