Ramadan Reflections

It is the Last Friday of Ramadan this year 2019.

Do I want to bid this Ramadan goodbye?

Not really, well my soul doesn’t although my body does, despite feeling lighter and cleansed.

My soul just hopes the mercy and the peace that this month brings lingers on……

I pray that the fragrance of Ramadan can still be smelt, that sweet beautiful scent, long after it has gone and what was started in connection with God, the earth and others near us and far away from us continues with the same momentum.

I kept praying open the gates of your Mercy before Ramadan came. Now I keep praying keep the gates open.

The truth is His gates are never closed, our receptiveness becomes more closed and hardened.

Just some thoughts and reflections this morning as I wait for the kids to get up and enjoy the silence before the day gets into full swing!

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