June 15, 2019



Yesterday I soared high in productivity, planning, creativity and self-care.

I spent a couple of hours writing the morning’s entry and felt good putting it out to the Universe.

The journey I am traversing is one with highs and low. Yesterday you witnessed how low it can get.

Writing these blogs helps me to connect to myself and the internal wars that are raging inside of me.

I become a witness to the turmoil.

This journey is full of turbulence and being pulled in so many directions.

As a 50 year old woman, I am also very used in staying in my comfort zone. This is because being in a career that I have thrived in and become very good at, gets you to work in some ways on auto pilot. So this business has been good in reawakening parts of my brain that have laid dormant.

I love being creative and innovative and challenging myself with technical difficulties and keeping myself disciplined and focussed.

At the same time I struggle with trusting myself when designing new programs and marketing ideas. This is because my job is so reliant on templates and alot of creativity has been sucked out of Social Work. Sadly it has become obsessed with procedures and policies.

There is definitely a clear structure within my profession.

In Business there is no template or structure that will necessary work for you. They may work or they may not. You have to try each one and some are better fits than others. In fact sometimes you have to create the template or structure yourself.

In Business there are no guarantees.

As I said before this journey is a roller coaster ride.

It starts off with you thinking you are going one way and you end up going in a completely different direction.

At the same time, the end point has to be crystal clear in your mind.

One day the roller coaster has to stop and you leave the ride and your legacy.

I am now realising why the why of your business is so crucial.

To survive the twists and the turns, to stomach them, you need to know you are getting off at the end and at the same time enjoy it.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided not to approach my Business as a job i.e. as a long list of things to do.

I focussed on the why of the Business which is to impact as many people as I can suffering from burn out and to offer a transformation so they can help others more effectively by guiding them in creating time, energy and space. To do that it is so important for me not to burn out.

I know I need to show up in the most authentic way. Whether that is when I email my list of subscribers or post in the closed Facebook group I have set up called Beat Burn Out or even planning my Facebook Lives.

So I focussed on spending only 40 minutes drafting that email to my list of subscribers and 10 minutes planning the Facebook Lives. I did these tasks for my Business after I spent four hours doing the household chores most women do. Remember most women like me are mothers and wives who need to cook, sweep and tidy up.

I cooked a Chicken Biryani dish and Lamb Korma dish and had lunch with my husband who is on standby this week and so home in the day. I picked up my son from my school as Friday is the only day I can do this. This is because I work as a Social Worker Monday to Thursday. He only has a few more weeks at his Primary school and I love doing this as he skips along side me telling me about his day.

I found out from his teacher that he is so good playing Fagin in the school play Olivia despite his lack of confidence regarding his progress when practicing his lines at home.

I loved the fact I was present to him and I got to warm up some left over pizza for his snack after school.

I decided to let go of the administrative tasks of revenue and expenditure and working on my Ideal Client Avatar. I postponed these to Saturday evening. Instead from 4 to 545pm, I worked on drafting the email to my list of subscribers and printing out the first three chapters of the first draft of a book I have written regarding my creativity struggles.

It felt so good seeing the first three chapters of the first shi***y draft of my book. It felt like the baby had come out of my womb. I had delivered it out onto the world.

I put away the printed pages in the study and switched off the laptop. I made a mental note of needing to schedule the email on Saturday evening to my list of subscribers. I then changed into my whites for cricket training at the local Cricket club .

Cricket is something I loved doing as a girl.

I recently, well a couple of months ago, went to a training session. All part of my Self-care strategy to walk my talk. Although I cannot bowl and am just about competent at fielding and batting, the six aside cricket is getting me to step outside my comfort zone. The sport gives me a chance to exercise and gives my brain a chance to rest and refocus. I get to practice my team playing skills and it means I do not have to be deep and analytical.

I get to have some fun.

I enjoyed being run out and running the other ladies out and practicing my batting and bowling.

I enjoyed being a student of other more experienced cricketers who showed me how to bat and bowl.

As a Coach I realise the enormous value in being a student and a Client. You need to experience both or you can start to think you know it all.

I enjoyed having the whole atmosphere, of being on the Green. The sun was out and the wind was in my hair.

I returned home and spent the rest of the evening with my son watching TV.

I noticed the immense feeling of peace within me. My Business is not anywhere where I want it to be but in building it, I am surely building my character to be the most honest it can be.

Afterall an honest character builds an honest business and that is what generates trust. Trust means customers are likely to purchase your products or services and that means Revenue.

I am learning everyday.

I hope you continue learning with me.

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Taniya Hussain qualified as a Social Worker in 1991 from Coventry University in England. She has been working on the front lines, consistently holding space for individuals and families for three decades especially, children and young people on the margins of society. Taniya studied Psycho-dynamic counselling from 1991 to 1993 at Goldsmiths College in London. Taniya met Sheikha Halima Krausen in 1992 and has been studying Islam with her ever since especially Mystical Islam, Tassawuf (Sufism) and walks on the Chisti path. Taniya really started using the power of Jungian Pyschology and Mystical Islam when she started her Online Coaching and Consultancy Business in 2018 and discovered she was a powerful healer. When she discovered Shadow Alchemy in 2019, she started developing this modality into Muslim Alchemy in 2020. She now brands herself as the Muslim Alchemist because she is constantly integrating her knowledge of the Quran and Bible with her vast Social Work experience and her extensive ability of applying Psycho-dynamic, therapeutic techniques to organisational settings, team dynamics and when working with individuals and groups. This has both Online and Offline. Taniya uses skillfully her understanding of the Shadow, that Jung constantly talked about and her Mystical Training plus her experience in inter-faith dialogue since 2003, to help individuals and groups become conscious of what they previously were unconscious of leading to rapid success in their Business, Health and Relationships. Taniya has a great skill in being able to see the blind spots in others and in untanging energetic knots (a term she uses for Shadow) to promote healing from mental and physical disease. She uses her vast expertise and skills to help her Online Clients to get rid of decades of anxiety causing insomnia, depression and suicidal thoughts and marital problems. Clients usually are healed in a short amount of time never needing to invest in Therapy again. She really is the Muslim Alchemist as she turns the shitty experience of clients into golden experiences where they manifest upgraded, wealth, health and relationships all at the same time. Taniya got married in 1995 and has three sons born in 1996, 2001 and 2003 and lives in Surrey, England and when she is not developing Muslim Alchemy, she loves to spend time with her family and write fiction stories, songs and poems. She speaks fluent English and Urdu and basic German and French and is learning Arabic and Hebrew.


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