Sacrifice vs Suffering!

Here is an insight my yesterday! Sunday 23rd January.


Woke up

Did expenditure budgeting

Personal and Business.

9am Had breakfast ran two

washing machines for week!

Remembered to wash my son’s muddy shoes from his residential. He needs them for school.

10am Took the bus to Hairdressers

10am to 130pm Spent at Hairdressers

130pm to 2pm

Travelled to Cricket Green to watch my son play cricket in cricket festival.

2pm to 4pm

Watched my son and my husband’s cousin’s daughter play Cricket at a Cricket Festival.

4pm to 430pm

Grocery shopping

430pm to 7pm

Watched Pakistan play South Africa in the world cup on T.V.

Served refreshments and ate snacks in the breaks.

7pm Made an omelette.

7:30pm to 9:30pm

Worked on email for those have subscribed to my email list as I want to invite these subscribers to my Masterclass.

730pm to 8pm

Served dinner to family

8pm to 915pm

Watched the Voice kids with the kids, my sons

915pm to 10pm

Worked on finishing drafting email to spark interest for my Masterclass. I needed to familiarise with email sequence as I want to serve and have not done Webinar or Masterclass since March 2019.

10pm to 12pm

Cleared up kitchen, worked on drafts for different email for masterclass sequence

12 midnight went to bed exhausted but feeling very fulfilled and accomplished.

To know I am going to reach individuals and be able to alleviate the overwhelm of burn out with tips and strategies that have helped me, lifts me. It reinforces why I am doing this. It makes it feel all worthwhile. The staying up late while family sleeps and the seems little sacrifice compared to the feeling of reaching someone and being there for someone suffering alone.

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