My Day

My day on Monday 24th June 2019

630amWake up



7am to 8am

Post on LinkedIn regarding Masterclass that I am doing Sunday

Arrange a FB Live with another Coach

Email a Client

8am to 830am

Spend time with youngest son

830am to 9am


9am to 930am

Get Ready for going to office

930am to 10amTravel to office by Bus posting on Social media on the way ie Facebook groups about Masterclass.

Remain focus to just post in Facebook groups I am admin to

10am to 12noonA

ttend meetings at work ie Social work job

12 to 2pm

Check in with Manager as a parent of a young person is not happy with me even though I helped protect him.

2pm to 230pm Leave office to get lunch. Enjoy the walk out into hospital grounds and not being in office building.

230pm to 730pm

Finish typing up Court Report

730pm to 745pm

Deliver a Facebook Live in Facebook group I created called Beat Burn Out on giving thanks.745pm to 8pm

Walk to Subway to get takeaway for my evening meal and husband and youngest son evening meal.

I have ascertained earlier middle son cooked for him and his vegan brother

8pm to 9pm

Eat dinner with family

9pm to 930pm

Melt chocolate and dip strawberries for youngest son healthy cafe at school. Do this activity with youngest son

Do washing up of dishes

930pm Get Ready for bed

Blog briefly before going to sleep

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