Ego vs Service!

After doing a Joint Facebook Live this morning, having a half an hour Coaching session with a Client and delivering a Masterclass on how to create more time and energy and space, I want to go to bed.

I have given all I can give and now it is time not to be connected to the outcome, sorry not to be attached to the outcome.

This business cannot all be about the ego and acquiring.

This business is about service and creating an impact.

This business was created to fill a gap in the market to provide a service for people who want support who are burnt out

I cannot get burnt out doing it…

Intrinsically I know that!

And today I took breaks, I spent time with kids.

I cooked lunch.

Being an Entrepreneur is not easy.

It is not as glamourous as it is

made out to be.

It is a lot of hard work, dedication and requires focus.

I was focussed today and now I am retiring to bed.

I know there is a million more things I could be doing for my Business.

But today I concentrated on what will generate income.

Tomorrow is another day!

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