Poetry in this crazy world!

Poetry may seem out of place right now but the news today has inspired me to write this just now.

I stare out of the window…..

I feel a peace I never knew possible.

Despite the world going crazy!

Boris Johnson is the British Prime Minister.

I find that hard to stomach.

Hate echoes its whisper everywhere.

Indifference reigns.

Wisdom is what is needed in this crazy world.

There is so much suffering.

Yet in my heart I have peace as I continue doing what I do.

You continue planting the tree even if the world is on fire.

I will continue to support, hold, coach, mentor, counsel till my last dying breath.

The world needs the oxygen.

We all need to breathe.

Fires can continue to burn.

Hearts need to be nursed.

If you are suffering, I am too.

Although there is peace in my heart, the pain in your heart I feel very much too.

The poetry prevents me from vomiting or screaming too loud.

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