Short and Sweet!

For a change I am going to be short and sweet.

Earlier on I shared with you my latest offer of unlimited access to me and my wealth of wisdom from 28 years as a Social Worker for a super affordable daily cost to you of over 2 pounds or less than £84 per month.

This way of working is called Laser Coaching. You can pick my brain for 15 minutes at a time and get energy boosts, strategy on beating burn out or tips on unlocking money blocks or mastering mindset or advice on meditation or healing from trauma. In fact anything I can dig up from my 28 years of experience, you can have access to that.

This is provided you do the homework set from the previous call.

You take advantage of the super affordable price for this opportunity to work with me if you pay the £997 per year upfront.

This is my latest offer that I am launching this summer and Clarity calls, I am opening from tomorrow to see if you are a fit for this program.

The Clarity call is 60 minutes long and I will be asking certain questions to ascertain if you are the highly motivated person I am looking to work with in this super focussed way.

All you have to do is to click the link below to get a step nearer to having unlimited access to me.

I cannot wait to meet you on that Clarity call which will be via Zoom or Skype.

Here is the link below:

2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet!

  1. Im so glad I started working with Taniya when I did. I am so excited seeing myself improving my life in ways that I thought were impermissible to myself… yet she has shown me ways that I can explore that are “unchartered” territory for me… can’t wait to see what is next, around the corner. She has been a great mentor, guide and coach thus far.

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