In case you are new to this blog and do not know what I do.

I am to use Marie Forleo’s words a “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur.”

I am a Social Worker, Counsellor Healer, Coach, Writer, Mentor, Poet, Spirtual Guide, Intuitive.

The last two were descriptions given to me by a Client.

I have been in the Personal Development Industry since 1991 mostly as a Social Worker and more recently since 2018 running my Business offering Transformations.

Simply I untange knots inside of you.

How I do it depends on you.

Most people are not interested in the HOW more in getting rid of the knot.

But in case you are, I have a vast tool box of strategies, that I have developed from my vast training and experience as a Social Worker, Counsellor and Coach from Psychodynamic to Energy Healing to Spiritual.

The Programs I create are bespoke and I firmly believe to do TO you is a disservice, to do FOR you even more but to do WITH you, the most effective way ensuring PRECISION.

For most people who I work with their knot gets untangled within 12 weeks.

Below is a picture of me in London UK my favourite city and the city where I happen to live.

If you want to untangle a knot in your life why don’t you email me at

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