Being totally you!

Understanding this is arduous.

Being this even harder.

But when you do it is so much fun.

Without inhibition.

Without fear.

When you stop worrying what others think and just be you.

Especially if you have been living your life in the shadows.

Thinking this, considering this and dreaming of this.

But you do not do anything to come out of the shadows.

Fear pulls you back.

Wanting to be in control of everything and everyone.

Being you unapologetically is something you can master.

When you know you are being true to every fibre of your being literally.

Because your Truth is buried deep and yet at the same time it is staring you in the face, what you always took for granted.

You felt pulled in so many directions and yet when you started walking on that path no one else can walk on, that exhilaration…….

There are no words are there?

The path can feel lonely.

Oh so lonely!

But what a beautiful adventure it is being totally you.

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