An Invitation to learn my Secret!

This time last year, I achieved the Impossible

I prepared, launched and hosted an Online Summit whilst raising 3 sons and working in a stressful job as a Social Worker and amidst a Social Work Inspection.

I could not have done it without Akilah Rodriguez one of the best Virtual Assistants on the Planet and guess what it was our first Summit.

I could also have not done it without the devotion and uncomplaining support of my husband who just looked after our sons, the house and everything else I usually do but could not focus on.

And I could not have done it without my Coaches Jessica Perez-Beebe and Deborah N. Hurwitz.

If you are intrigued by how I achieved the Impossible.

You want to know my secret to achieving the impossible.

Well guess what you can.

If you choose to work with me.

Clarity calls are open this week and until December as I am looking for 3 Clients to work with in 2020 on a one to one basis.

They will only be available until December for this one time special offer.

I am looking for that individual ready to invest.

If that is you here’s the link to book your call and your chance to learn my secret.

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