From Burn Out to Badass

The photo below was taken 2 years ago.

I am smiling.

My eyes are even smiling.

But it was taken when I was going through a very painful time.

I didn’t know it then as it was a very dark period, I was unveiling the Badass within me.

I started setting standards to my life and anything less than those standards, I just did not tolerate.

I was willing to stand on my own if I had to.

I stopped caring about what others thought, said or did.

Those closest to me were very shocked.

But the Badass was born in October 2017.

In May 2018, this picture was taken of me at a wedding. The Badass within me had truly been unleashed.

You can tell from my eyes that the joy I found so truly elusive before, I had discovered. I still experience this joy today.

My Burn Out to Badass journey has been a painful and long one.

Yours doesn’t need to be.

Since 1991, I have helped thousands of individuals and families be consistent in fighting for themselves amidst chaos and crisis.


I am an expert in holding space for individuals and groups as a Social Worker and Counsellor, to explore crisis and chaos within their lives whether internally or externally. Since January 2018 I have also been doing this in an Online Capacity.

I am now delighted to offer my 6 week Program for the insane price of $500 to the first 10 people that sign up for it before 31st December 2019.

By the end of 6 weeks, the Program will give you clarity and confidence to be consistent in your life and fight for what you believe in and value and so find joy again in your life, work or relationships.

If you have been struggling for a while with low energy levels and feeling like you do not have much time to do what you know gives you joy, this Program is for you.


As I said the Program just costs $500 but only until 31st December after that it goes up to $1500.

If you are interested then email me at and I will send you the Payment link and all the details.

If anything in this blog has really resonated with you and you would like to discuss the subject further with Taniya privately then use this link.





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