You know there are hidden gems in the Books of God.

The Quran has one I just discovered.

It feels like this verse was revealed today.

The English Translation probably doesn’t do the verse justice but it rings true to me whether you believe in God or not.

In Song 64 Translated as Mutual Neglect.

Surah in Arabic means Song like Shirah in Hebrew

Verse 16

“…….Those who are saved from their own meanness will be the prosperous ones.”

You do not even have to believe in God or have a relationship to Him to understand this one.

For me it is an Existential Truth
meanness in whatever way not just financially but emotionally, practically, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Most of us prefer to live in the existential hells of our comfort zones and small versions of ourselves rather than venture beyond exploring the depths of our minds, hearts and spirit.

Prosperity can only be achieved in giving space time and energy to new possibilities and ways of being.

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