Two years later…..

Two years ago I started this Business with one paid Client.

This Business called Taniya Hussain Coaching and Consultancy Services.

My first Client came to me organically.

It all was a leap in the dark and continues to be leaping in the dark.

I did not have a clue and even now I do not. Each day as an Entrepreneur is different. You are always learning and growing and evolving.

I now understand I am building a brand, a legacy.

My brand promise is to consistently hold space for you to overcome crisis and connect with the core of your character.

This applies to individuals I work with as a Coach and organisations I work with as a Consultant.

Two years later I am so relieved that I titled my Business with my name.

But my Business is beyond me.

It can never be about my ego and making empty money.

I write that and I know other Entrepreneurs will be smiling at that.

But back to marking this two year anniversary of this Business.

I am glad I entitled it a Service because that is what I do provide a Service.

And I will be continuing to craft this Service into beautiful opportunities for individuals and organisations to transform.

Two years later all I can think about is all the people I have met who have helped me by collaborating with me on projects such as Facebook Lives, Online Summits etc and this just shows you cannot build a Business on your own.

So for all of you that call yourself a Solopreneur, a friendly reminder.

I also want to Thank all the Clients that have come forward in these two years and taken the brave step in booking the Clarity Call or subscribing to the Online Summit or purchasing the Paid Program or even joining one of my Private Facebook Groups.

Two years have had their ups and downs and now I look to the next two years and I know with all of you there with me in whatever capacity as a Supporter, Collaborator or Client, we are going places.

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