What I do in one sentence!

What do I do in One Sentence?

Consistently holding space for individuals and organisations experiencing crisis to help them get to the core of their character.

Whether that crisis is Burn Out due to your stressful job, role or Personal Trauma due to Child, Physical, Emotional or Sexual Abuse or due to the  Knife Crime Epidemic or parenting a Child with Special Educational Needs or Burn Out from your Business.

Burn Out leads to the Darkest of nights.


Who do I love working with?

Those ready to dive in with me despite the fear of what they know they will face and listen to their gut because they KNOW I am the one to take them to their next level. The level they always wanted to be but were too scared to go there by themselves.

Those who are willing to do whatever it takes in terms of money, time and energy to work with me.

Those who are Bilingual or come from a mix of cultural family experiences and inhabit many different spaces but have difficulty in integrating the different experiences and therefore the different aspects of themselves.

Many of my Clients are Urdu/Hindi speaking and I find delivering coaching to them in Urdu/Hindi reaches them more rapidly and transforms them in an instant.

Most of my Clients have been from mixed backgrounds living in between two cultures and trying to navigate their lives around these amidst the contradictions and conflicts.

And I go deep into these contradictions and conflicts and this leads you to widen your perspectives.

A running theme I find when working with clients is no matter what the Trauma or Burn Out, the core of their character always remains intact and once they connect to that, insane transformations occur very quickly in all the areas of their lives.

It is like a ripple effect.

And then I take them to their next level.

With my over 28 years experience of holding space for individuals, families and individuals in crisis, you get expert Coaching and Consultancy at your finger tips from the comfort of your home or office.

If you want to experience transformation after transformation in every area of your life then you want to work with me.


Clarity Calls are available for the next few days. Just click the link below.




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