From Burnt Out to Badass

Burnt Out, that was definitely me.

You can tell by this image I posted a few years ago.

And doing all of these things was burning me out!


My eyes are smiling here but I am sure you can feel the sadness emanating from inside me.

Now when I smile, there is no sadness even when I am in the centre of storms of tragedy and crisis around me.


And I no longer am trying to prove to myself and to others that I am good enough. I no longer just go around just doing and doing, exhausting myself.


I do various activities and incorporate pause and rest and no longer feel guilty about this. And if I give up on a project, it is because I know that I am no longer aligned to it because the way I am doing it, doesn’t serve me and will most probably damage me and therefore my Business or family or who I am wanting to serve.

I no longer struggle with giving up because I know that resting or abandoning to start again, that is wisdom and sweet surrender.

Because sometimes fighting can be fighting for a lost cause. Giving up. I have learnt does not necessarily mean failure. Surrending and doubting and not knowing, sometimes is the best strategy or approach.

People have been doing it for centuries. Yet I know most people forget this.

And this is exactly what I was doing in November 2019, when this photo was taken. I gave up on trying to be there exactly when others expected me to be and refused to get drawn into the drama of a family crisis at the time. I remained centred in where I was and where I wanted to be. You can tell from my eyes in this photo how calm and collected I am.


That is what I do.

This is what I have been doing for 28 years, consistently hold space for you during crisis. This enables you to be centred during the storms in your Life, Business or Relationship.

How am I able to do this?

Because I am so intimate with the struggle. I struggle with this challenge every second of my day in my life.

One minute I can feel burnt out the next I am actually being a Badass.

Being Burnt Out is my biggest struggle and challenge and curse.

However it is also my biggest blessing.

Because what burns me out is what ultimately fires me up. The Badass then is unleashed within me.

I have been a Badass for most of my life.

I just didn’t know it.

I have a Masterclass coming up at the end of February where I show you how I have become a real Master in spotting and preventing and stopping Burn Out.

In this Masterclass which you can enjoy from the comfort of your home or office which I will be delivering at the end of February, I will be sharing with you my story.


This is the story of how for most of my life, nearly 3 decades in fact, I struggled with managing my time, money and energy.

Until one day in January 2018, I discovered the core of my character and this unleashed the Badass within me.

In this Masterclass, I also share with you some golden nuggets of wisdom from Top Coaches.

Over the last two years, I have spent thousands of dollars on personal development. You though will get these golden nuggets of wisdom absolutely free.

I am so excited about this Masterclass because you get to witness my journey of the last two years in 45 minutes and at the same time leave equipped with tools and strategies that I will teach you to fight this ongoing battle inside you.

You know the fight, I am so intimate with between the human that feels burnt out and the Badass that you ultimately are.

So whether you are a Coach, a Social Worker, an Entrepreneur, a Poet, a Writer, Creative, Parent or a Professional, this is for you.

If anything in this blog has really resonated with you and you would like to discuss the subject further with Taniya privately then use this link.

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