March 11, 2020

From Burn Out to Being Brilliantly Beautiful

The 7 steps From Burn Out to Being Brilliantly Beautiful Transformational Tool is ready.

These 7 steps you will not find anywhere else and are unique to me as they are THE integration of my expertise, experience, training both Professional and Personal over the 29 years.

And I am raring to go to teach these 7 steps to 7 people on in a Group Program.

This is for 7 people who are willing to take whatever action is necessary during the process.

In this Program, I go deep and go into detail about each step you take. The exact same steps I took that resulted in my Transformations in my personal life, professional life and psychological life and which got me from being stuck in my victimhood, utterly burnt out on the verge of nearly losing everything I loved to rediscovering myself and change the philosophy, my life was built on.

Results I have experienced by going through each step is getting out of debt, having a fulfilled marriage, starting and finishing writing my first book, speaking on various stages and channeling my Spiritual genius as well as managing chaos and crisis in my personal, professional and psychological life with utmost dignity, calm and poise.

Since 2018, I have gone through many crisis in my external world, which before would have resulted in blaming, depression, anxiety and hypertension, I have instead swam through them without being drowned.

These 7 steps and this Tool is the Treasure you have been looking for to unlock your genius and gifts and will give YOU Transformations.

The first 7 sessions results in Transformations in your Personal life. The second 7 sessions results in Transformations in your Professional life. The third 7 sessions results in transforming you psychologically and the fourth 7 sessions results in you transforming the Philosophy of your life.

In 28 sessions which take place weekly, transformations are guaranteed.


Clients have shared with me their marriages being saved, being able to sleep after several years of having nightmares, promotions at work, physical chronic illnesses easing.

From Burn Out to Being Brilliantly Beautiful One to Group Container is ready for YOU. A 3.5K investment in US Dollars for a 7 months Program. If you want to dive in, the TIME is now. After 28 weeks although I do not guarantee you will never be burn out again it is highly likely you will prevent it.


If you are interested then I invite you to book the free consultation by emailing me or book your Clarity call by using the link below.

I only am taking calls until next week 20th June. The Group Program starts 21st July 2020



Having qualified as a Social Worker in July 1991 from Coventry University, it has been over two decades that I have been on the front line working with children and young people who are traumatized and on the margins of society. Although I studied Psycho-dynamic counselling for two years at Goldsmiths College (1991-1993), I decided to integrate Psycho-dynamic theories and skills into my Social work practice and flirt with and immerse myself in studying Islam as well as interfaith dialogue and friendships. For the last 20 years, I have been working in a multi-disciplinary Youth Offending Team in South London, comprised of Professional colleagues from different faiths and cultural backgrounds trying to support young people in the criminal justice system. I am married and mother to three sons, and juggle Social Work and interfaith dialogue with my writing, studying and the needs of home and family.


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