Healing amidst fear

As well as a Writer I am a Healer.

Last week I delivered a Healing session lasting 60 minutes.

Update the session is STILL helping this member of the Private Facebook Group I host called From Burn Out to Beautifully Brilliant.

If you want to join the Group you can click here:



This is what this female member said:

“Recently, I had the privilege of experiencing a healing session performed via phone by Taniya. To say that I was tense would be an understatement. Specifically, in light of today’s circumstances, stress is quite high. I am a solo-preneur that just became a full-time kindergarten teacher with a husband working outside the home on the frontlines. When I got onto the call, my shoulders were full of lead and my head felt “blocked.” I was in desperate need of relief.
Taniya performed a healing session that not only provided me with the ability to release the tension in my neck and shoulders, but gave me the tools to continue my own healing. The rest of my day and remaining of the week was quite busy and I felt exhilarated and prepared to tackle my challenges with grace. I finally had energy and strength. I felt lighter and calmer. Issues arose and I felt a “change” within me to help me deal with the problems and come up with solutions.”

Right now with all the fear, overwhelm, stress in the world, this is a service I am offering.

I have opened up my Calendar for you to have these one off sessions with me from the comfort of your home or office or place of work.

This Service connects you to the Healing within yourself and teaches you how and that is a miracle within itself.

Most of us have forgotten how to tap into the Healing power within ourselves.

This session teaches you how easy it is.

To book a session click on the link below:


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