Simply what I do!

You know your Business, your job, your role, your creative project whatever you are passionate about is not about you it is and it isn’t.

It is so much more than that.

When we get past our personal narratives and delve deeper, it becomes about the legacy and a calling and a mission that is beyond our egos and our desires.

The Greatest enemy you have is yourself but yourself is the key.

Paradoxical but true.

At first what you wish for, want, desire is so the calling the rising and then it becomes immaterial.

Soon you realise what you wanted, how you wanted to do it, how it would turn out, was so far off how He wanted for you.

In my Entrepreneurial journey I started off wanting to be this Solopreneur helping women mainly.

I am still on this journey even while I work four days a week as a Social Worker in the Criminal justice system.

But my Genius is working with boys and young men and hence after 23 years of holding space as a Social Worker to mostly boys aged 10 to 19, I have a unique indepth, experience and intimate knowledge of the Male Psyche.

Since 1991 as a Social Worker working generally in the field and since 1997, working in the Criminal justice system and so getting my hands dirty and wrestling with the Psyche, I have seen what Child Abuse, Neglect, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, witnessing domestic violence can do to boys.

I possess a rare knack of peering into the soul and seeing the wounded soul, the broken spirit not just in the boys and young men I have worked with but in most men that I meet even the ones that are doing well.

This eye I have cannot be copied and is a rare gift.

Having this eye and this understanding means I have alot to teach, share and impart.

In healing the wounded soul.

In healing the male psyche.

The way I do this is not based on theoretical frameworks but a true synthesis of all that I have learnt from Academic training and Practical experience of actually working with boys, men and their families.

I have since 1991 collected a vast range of tools to use at my disposal an eclectic Practioners at heart. These being NLP, to cognitive behavioural therapy, to Jungian Analysis, to Winnicottian Analysis to Task Centred Social Work to Narrative therapy, to being Trauma Trained by knowing the latest in Neuro Science.

And when you blend that with the indepth studying and learning of Spirituality since 1992 mostly of Islam but dipping into Torah study and interfaith dynamics, there is a potent potion of healing I have up my sleeve ready to administer to the Male workaholic who despite doing everything finds he cannot achieve success, it eludes him.

This is what I do have always done was born to do just didnt realise it as I took it for granted.

But beyond the fancy words and fancy skills what do I do simply is hold space.

In holding space healing occurs.

If anything in this blog has really resonated with you and you would like to discuss the subject further with Taniya privately then use this link.

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