June 12, 2020


The more I want to know, the more I seek to know, the more I end up not knowing and having to plunge into the unknown.

So many times in my life I have done that.

It is called faith and each time when I dove right in, although the world told me I was crazy by going that way, doing that thing, choosing that path, I grew.

With each investment in my personal development, I grew

My eyes say it all the relaxed look when I was at a party in Vallendar Germany during an Interfaith Conference February 2020

And I am growing.

Many people have a love- hate relationship with the personal development industry.

It can be an addictive relationship.

The Truth is co-dependency only gets nurtured if you allow it.

A Coach with any integrity will never impose themselves on you.

They will never force you.

Because there is free will.

If you seek growth and development you will find it.

If you seek co-dependency you will find it.

So have discernment when you are looking for a Coach.

In Discerning you will find your Dream Coach that can take you where you want to go.

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Having qualified as a Social Worker in July 1991 from Coventry University, it has been over two decades that I have been on the front line working with children and young people who are traumatized and on the margins of society. Although I studied Psycho-dynamic counselling for two years at Goldsmiths College (1991-1993), I decided to integrate Psycho-dynamic theories and skills into my Social work practice and flirt with and immerse myself in studying Islam as well as interfaith dialogue and friendships. For the last 20 years, I have been working in a multi-disciplinary Youth Offending Team in South London, comprised of Professional colleagues from different faiths and cultural backgrounds trying to support young people in the criminal justice system. I am married and mother to three sons, and juggle Social Work and interfaith dialogue with my writing, studying and the needs of home and family.


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