Being Tested

Facebook always ask what is on your mind?
It never asks what is in your heart?

Ever noticed that?

Today I am going to ask you what is in your heart weighing you down which you need to release?

Release it out to the world.

And I am going to share with you what is in my heart.

This Entrepreneurial journey is a real roller coaster ride and one that is teaching me more about Spirituality more than anything else.

I know really understand why Muhammad Peace be upon Him, Abraham, Moses, Jacob on them be peace were Business people.

Because you are really tested in how you deal with people and how people deal with you.

Your boundaries are tested.

Your ego is shred to a million pieces every day.

Your trust in God is tested.

The Quranic stories really come alive more than ever.

And the process of having the idols inside of you being toppled one by one happens all the time.

You get to really know which ones you have been worshiping.

Because to make money, real honest money you have to knock them down each one of them no matter how uncomfortable, how much crap you get thrown at you, how much you trigger people.

There is a Coaching phrase go beyond your comfort zone.

In the Muslim psyche there is to undertake the hijrah to leave Mecca and go to Medina.

Most people do not really know what that means to leave your tribe like Abraham did because he was sick at heart and venture forth.

Entrepreneurs do and I am very honored to have that  company.

I am so glad for this journey.

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