Who is Tamara Alvi? Chapter Two

Tamara Alvi

I promised to tell you more about her.

How did she come to be of existence?

This fictitious character that is on my heart, in my heart and wants to express herself to you.

She is inside me but I am sure she is inside of you.

She is inside most women.

They just don’t know it.

Tamara has always been tenacious.

Tamara despite what adversity she has been through has always come out standing up, standing tall and standing strong.

She always thinks it out, finds the space to reflect and recover.

Or so she thinks?

So how did she come to be of existence?

I give birth to characters like I give birth to my poems when the vast range of emotions inside of me can no longer live inside of me and the competing tensions and energies pull and push in a way that something has to come forth.

And so Tamara came forth.

I hope you like her.

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