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Ever since Taniya opened her Business in 2018, she has helped High Achievers & High Performers gain SERENITY by guiding them through the Spiritual Alchemical Quest which she has developed. The 4 stage Process where you embark on these ALCHEMY Quests.

  1. Personal resulting in the of NAMING of the Problem
  2. Identity resulting in the ACCEPTING of the Problem
  3. Practical resulting in you CLAIMING Space to enable you to take the Practical steps to Solve the Problem
  4. Emotional resulting in you BREAKING patterns that contributed to keeping you stuck in the Problem.

Typical results for Clients(below names have changed due to Confidentiality) are

In 18 months, after 7 years of being on a Liquid Diet due to her Crohn’s disease, Asma is pain & steroid free & eating solid foods again.

In 360 days after 3 months of $0 Business Revenue, Liz generated $90000.

In 90 days after 2 years of insomnia, Mumin became nightmare free.

Taniya’s Spiritual Alchemical Quest is a fusion

  1. 30 years of Taniya’s experience as a Social Worker working in London UK with children and families subject to Child Protection or Child in Need Plans, Looked After or in the Criminal Justice system.
  2. 28 years of working Psychodynamically with Social work Clients and Muslim women privately.
  3. 29 years of Studying with Halima Krausen the Hamburg based Muslim Scholar, whom she met in 1992.  Learning Quranic & Hadith Sciences, Islamic Law, Jurisprudence, Arabic, Philosophy (Kalaam), History, Mysticism (Sufism) & Psychology (Nafsiyaat). Taniya was given the honour in 2003 to teach the 7 Levels of the Self as advocated by the Chisti Mystics. Most of the Spiritual Alchemical process, is based on this Century Old Mystical Tradition.
  4. Her passion for Interfaith Dialogue with Rabbis & Pastors & Imams. She attends regularly Interfaith dialogue Workshops & studies the Bible & Quran.

Taniya qualified as a Social worker from Coventry University in 1991 at the tender age of 22. She has an Advanced Diploma in Counselling from Goldsmiths College in 1993.

Taniya brands herself as the Muslim Alchemist because she has been the Muslim Alchemist for 30 years helping to transform the shit in your life to hope and glory. Now in her 50s, developing the Spiritual Alchemical Quest is a natural progression for her.  Taniya is an Intuitive Healer, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher and Guide.

Taniya lives in Surrey with her husband whom she married in 1995 and three sons born 1996, 2001 and 2007.


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