Welcome Wayfarer and Wanderer

Welcome my Friend.

It is fitting that I welcome you with a poem.

Because poetry oozes out of me.

Many gifts and treasures you will find here.

These gifts are worthless to many but are priceless to a few.

You maybe one of the few who happen to stumble across me and are enthralled at what you find.

I ask you to be patient as I collect the gifts and treasures for you.

Treasures and Gifts

There are blogs for you to peruse at your pleasure.

Short ones and long ones.

Video and Audio Resources for you to watch and listen to.

Speeches from what seems a distant past for you to read, listen and watch.

All I ask is that you go through them at your leisure.

Although I am no brilliant cook, I know a delicious meal needs to be tasted and chewed, slowly, to be digested well.

And my gifts may look like emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls, to really benefit from them, perhaps you need to not store them away, to be watched or read later. Perhaps you need to lift them up like a jeweller does and examine how they feel and radiate and reflect in the light.

Perhaps like a delicious meal, you need to take a blog and read it slowly to enjoy the taste and chew on each morsel to really absorb the wisdom therein.

The more you taste, the more you sense the texture and smell the aroma, the more you will get.

Perhaps you need to pause the recording and then rewatch that minute of that interview. Because you got a different insight that time.

Go slowly my friend.

Be patient my friend.

Enjoy my friend.

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