I have always wanted to be a Published Poet and Writer.

My poems are my babies, born out of struggle and strife and come into the world crying, yelling, suffocated and alive.

All they need is your eyes to read them and enjoy them to be nurtured and grow to the full fledged plants and flowers they yearn to be.

So you can smell them and enjoy the fragrance of their wisdom.

Handle my poems with care.

Step over them carefully, sensitively.

And if you choose to discard them or they are not to your taste, then let them go with grace.

As Lorna Johnson says “Your Genius is worthless to many but priceless to a few”

My poems may be worthless to you but priceless to a few.

If you discard the poem do not do this like it is a worthless gem.

While it may be a worthless gem to you my Friend, to the next person, it is the Black Diamond they were seeking all along.