Services Available

Taniya offers 1:1 Coaching sessions and this can only be booked after you have been on a Clarity call with her especially if you have been struggling with a Teenager if you are a parent or Workaholism if you are an Entrepreneur/Professional if you are burnt out.


Having been burnt out herself, Taniya knows the cost of it to her health and her relationships which she has managed to and manages to overcome or prevent by constantly investing in personal development herself.

Having interviewed others who are Burnt out she is very familiar with the cost of Burn Out which in some cases has been suicide, divorce, chronic illness, acute illness at worst or suicidal thoughts, marital problems  depression, anxiety and stress which are just as challenging.


The transformations Taniya has provided her Clients have been to stop suicide and bring joy to a hopeless situation, saving marriages, discover the underlying cause of chronic illness as well as help someone become nightmare free.

As the Transformations she provides are priceless and are usually delivered within 12 weeks, her 1:1 fees are $4000 per month.

The duration Taniya works with a Client is usually between 3 to 6 months.

The way Taniya works is meeting you on Zoom for 60 minutes every week three times in the month.

However Taniya does not work with everybody and only with those serious and willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the transformation.

If you are interested in working with her in her 1:1 powerful intensive containers that provide lasting transformations then use the link below to book a clarity call.

This is not a Coaching session but a short clarity call which includes a brief application form to assess if you are a fit for her Intensive container. Some experience of personal development helps but is not necessary. Please answer the questions on the form as honestly as you can.

Use the link below.

If you are an Organisation wanting advice and a strategy working with a challenging teenager then you can use this link to book a call with her which can be done via the phone if you are in the UK or via Zoom if outside UK

For her one off Crisis to Clarity sessions or Healing sessions, there is no need to book the Call but payment will be expected beforehand and the Zoom link ID will only be sent to you once she receives the Payment. Details on how to pay are in the link below plus access to her schedule.

Finally Taniya offers a Mastermind for Female Business Owners that runs on a Friday every two weeks at 12noon British Summer Time on Zoom for a monthly fee of $150 per month where she teaches about Shadow and Light Archetypes as well as give Business Owners an opportunity to build and grow your Business by holding you accountable, sharing resources and links and supporting members.

The first call in the month each member gets hot seat coaching and an opportunity to share wins and challenges.

Taniya has found that it is very lonely being an Entrepreneur and not finding a non judgmental space in the Online world decided to create one herself. The Mastermind is open to  Women who have a Product or Service based Business or an Online Business and as a Founding member you get to be a member at this insane price after January 2021 when the price increases. Membership is for 6 months at least as you have to sign a confidentiality agreement.

As well as the two Zoom calls per month, you also get access to a Private Facebook/What’s app group to continue the conversations started in the call. To become a member of Taniya’s Mastermind you need to book an exploratory call. You can do that by using the link below.