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Taniya offers a  1:1 Coaching Program for the Business Owner who has achieved success in Business and have attained 6, 7, 8 figure months, years or decades in Business but despite that feels an utter failure in terms of marriage, parenting, creativity and a real internal mess. 

And her Program is for the Business owner who feels within that mess, a hollowness inside and you have tried everything to fill that hole, I mean everything.

And the people you used to turn to in your usual circle while they provide a shoulder to cry on, even that empathic ear, this is not what you are looking for.

You actually do not want to talk about what you are experiencing, it is not therapy per se that you are seeking, you actually crave a space to explore something you did not even dare contemplate before.

You know though the space does not exist in your usual circle of friends or family.

Hence you are looking here on this website as you have looked at several or even hundreds of websites searching to find a person that understands and can offer you that space, without judgement and a guarantee that if you hire this Expert she will never disclose to anyone that you are struggling because that is right now something you are really ashamed about.

Being in the public eye, you cannot afford anyone to know exactly what you are experiencing right now.

That is why you are in the right place.

This hole, this ache Taniya is extremely familiar with.

She experienced what you are going through in August 2017.

Being at the top of her Social work career, having been married for 20 plus years with three sons who were all doing well at school, Taniya took the first step in August 2017 and embarked on a treacherous journey to fill that hollowness that you are feeling. 

The Coaching Program that she offers Business owners is based on the steps that she took and is taking that makes her the Coach, Consultant, Writer, Poet, Spiritual Teacher and Speaker she is today. 

Working as a Social worker since 1991, she understands implicitly the importance of a confidential space and service.

Since she started her Coaching and Consultancy Business in January 2018,  Taniya has increasingly seen the need of providing such a service.

Having been burnt out herself, Taniya knows the deep shame that is attached when you first seek help.

Since Taniya opened her Business in January 2018, the transformations Taniya has provided her Clients  have been a multitude.

Some examples are stopping suicidal thoughts and bringing a marriage on the brink of divorce to joyous reunion which now a year later is still thriving, untangling individals from codependent relationships to discovering the exact thought that started a chronic illness and releasing the woman from years of pain as well as helping someone become nightmare free in 3 months after 2 years of insomnia 

As the Transformations she provides are priceless, Taniya does not work with everybody because to achieve them, Taniya not only expects a serious investment financially but in terms of time and energy too and only accepts Clients who are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve these priceless transformations.

If you are interested in Taniya’s program then she suggests you book a clarity call.


This is if you just found her and want to know more about her Program.

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