What if I told you could achieve MORE in LESS time and not get burnt out and WITHOUT all the personal development and in a short amount of time?


I know you have probably invested extensively in therapy or spiritual mentoring or mindset coaching or productivity courses only to give you more of what you donโ€™t want?

-more rehashing the trauma of the past

-more hours crying

-feeling weighed down by all the emotions

-feeling you have not progressed on any of the projects you wanted to

-feeling frustrated that you were offered this magic cure and you got the usual bullshit

-more creating vision boards

-more daily affirmations

-more meditations

-more retreats

Guess what?

ME too.

But what if I showed you, it does NOT have to be this way?

Let me share with you two examples from clients of mine who worked with me: one is an IT Professional and the other a Coach.

Both of them achieved MORE in less time.

And these outcomes 

The IT Professional found JOY within her marriage and her family, her friends and her career and finding this JOY gave her energy to start a Business. She now helps startups. 

The Coach found energy to run her Business which was struggling in the Pandemic and generated $45000 in the first 180 days she worked directly with me and generated another $45000 by herself using the powerful psychological tools I taught her.

Both significantly reduced their expenses in personal development courses about 70% and the hours they were spending on them.

The IT Professional was investing in so many courses and now instead of buying these courses that she did not look at again (because if you are like me REALLY how many Online courses did you buy only for it to gather digital dust on your cloud); she now is spending time with her friends and family and spending money on holidays  abroad with her family. 

The Coach had a tendency to invest in High Ticket Mentoring for herself, but she still ended up feeling overwhelmed with all she had to do. She now invests that money into her business and has more time for herself and son. 

So instead of developing, growing and focussing on the past or the future which they were doing when investing in these courses or coaches, both are living more in the JOY of the present of BEING with loved ones. Instead of living in the past or living for the future, both are LIVING their lives now. 

Coincidentally working with me they also stopped working more hours and found they were DOING LESS to achieve what they wanted, the IT Professional in terms of productivity in her job achieved so much she got a promotion.

As I said The Coach who only made $0 between March 2020 and June 2020 after working with me and learning the importance of slowing down and taking time off generated $45000 between July 2020 and December 2020. 

Yes, working with me you achieve MORE in LESS TIME 

๐Ÿ”†What they did was simple and potent, what they did was a detailed study with me of their personal life, the pace of each aspect of their life, their morning routine, their afternoon routine, their evening routine. Their sleep, their diet, their dental hygiene, their relationships, their leisure, their personal and professional lives. 

While there is no one way to go about doing a detailed study of your personal and professional life especially routine, what may surprise you is the short amount it takes daily 30 to 45 minutes a half a day for 6 weeks.

In fact most personal development courses, overlook this important part, your point A and with this detailed study of the pace of each aspect of your life, Paceology I call it, discernment is gained and you realise which areas you are rushing around in and which areas of your life, you  are slowing down.  And when you start slowing in the areas of your life that you were rushing around in and start speeding up in the areas you were slowing down in, you find peace and balance. 

๐Ÿ”†And trust me, you don’t have to spend hours journalling or months saying daily affirmations or hours meditating to find this peace and balance.

๐Ÿ”†What you need is a willingness to trust yourself and meet with yourself for one minute every day once a week.

๐Ÿ”†What you need is to start observing yourself when you are rushing, when you are being impatient, when you are slowing down, when you are stopping, when you are pausing, or avoiding or delaying or procrastinating, when you are 

๐Ÿ”†The Key is to ask questions of yourself.

-can I wake up earlier?

-can I wake up later?

-do I have to check my email?

-what would happen if I didnโ€™t rush to say yes to that request?

-what if I took time to say no?

-can I sleep without my phone next to me?

-how would it feel if I actually slowed down to taste this food?

-why not really say what is on my mind?

-surely if I said what is in my heart?

-what really is my purpose?

-what can I do to see me?

-why do I not see myself?

what if I sip this tea and savour it? 

-why do I not read that book I always wanted to read?

-why donโ€™t I ask so and so to do that for me?

-what really is my biggest problem?

-why did I rush past so and so?

-why am I in a hurry to complete this?

-Is this really important?

-why can I not slow down?

-what am I afraid to look at here?

To start the process, you can just get a spreadsheet or construct a table using word or draw a table on a sheet of paper and write the list of all the activities you do an a daily basis.

1.List them all including the toilet breaks

2, The break the table into several columns and list 

-What are essential activities as in you or someone else you live with will be harmed if you don’t do them?

-What are not essential and could be done by someone else you live, or you could hire someone else to do? 

-What are not necessary but you like doing them?

-What you tend to do but neither like doing but have got into a habit of doing?

-what you feel you ought to do or should do or are pressured to do?

-What activities you really enjoying do and would like to do more of on a daily basis?

๐Ÿ‘‰Once you have your list of activities (broken down to essential, not necessary but liked, unnecessary/habitual, should, joyful _ here are the deeper questions to ask yourself

Is this activity essential if I donโ€™t do it will someone die or will I die or will I lose my home or my livelihood?

If I stopped doing this essential activity what is the likelihood that someone else that I live with will start doing it?

Who told me that this activity is essential?

When I did hire someone to do the non-essential activities or someone else that I am living with did them, did I like how they did it or didnโ€™t I and why didnโ€™t I?

What thoughts and feelings am I avoiding here?

Why do I certain activities that are not essential to my day and I just don’t like?

How can I stop doing what I don’t like?

Why do I feel pressured to do that?

Who told me that I must do that?

Let me see what happens if I don’t do that?

What would happen if I enjoyed myself?

Why do I feel guilty when I enjoy myself with that activity?

What can I do to feel less guilty?

Do I feel less guilty when I do more of the activity I enjoy?

Do I feel guilty all the time, or do I start feeling guilty when I am with someone?

Do I feel angry towards this someone, and do I start rushing to not feel?

These questions will provide a wider perspective of your personal life and the pace of your life (versus looking at the past or the future) and gives a detailed perspective of the PACE and an easier way for you to see what to say YES and NO to, and also when to slow down and when to speed up and with what activity to slow down and with what activity to speed up.

This DETAILED examination of the pace of your life will enable you to realise what you need to do to GROW, what action you need to take as the most aligned and valuable path for you, what will lead you to peace and balance that you crave for!

Think of it as an alchemical process

Transforming the crap to GOLD

Think of it as a speeding up process

Think of it as a detoxification 

Think of it as a slowing down process

Breaking it down even further my Coach Client told me that in 2020 she experienced.> 100%increase in Business Revenue She had generated $0 in Business Revenue between March 2020 and June 2020 and then working with me between July 2020 to December 2020 she generated $45000 in Business Revenue

When I asked her if working with me has helped her even when she stopped working me, she said yes as she has learned to trust her instincts and takes action quickly delegating certain actions she used to feel she had to do, and stopped doing activities that she felt compelled to do or was pressured to do and that between January 2021 and August 2021 she has generated another $45000 in Business Revenue.

She trusts her inner knowing and her own process.

She also has the energy now to separate from her husband a decision she was avoiding for many years and this unhappy marriage, she now understands was the cause of the lack of peace and balance in her life. 

Breaking it down even further my IT Professional Client told me that she stopped doing all the cooking, washing up, tidying up, parenting, going to the pharmacy to pick up medication in her personal life, and now her husband does it or her daughter does it or her mother in law does it . This has freed her up to give time to enjoy with her husband, daughter, son, friends, parents and siblings. 

She also told me that changing the pace of her life in other words learning Paceology resulted in her to feel emotions that she was previously suppressing.

She discovered that she was holding all these suppressed emotions in her gut.

This IT Professional prior to working with me in 2019 had been diagnosed with Chrohnโ€™s disease and for 7 years had been on a liquid diet, hardly able to eat solid foods. She was in a lot of pain. After working with me for 18 months, she was pain free and stopped having to take steroid medication for the disease. I checked in with this Client in early 2022 and she is still off the steroids and pain free.

She told me working with me she learned to trust herself more and rather than invest in all these personal development courses that were making her feel anxious, depressed and suicidal, she discovered that all the healing is inside of her, she is not broken and does not need to be fixed, She said she is ENJOYING life.

This is the main outcome of learning s the Paceology you attain a balance and calm and a JOY you could only previously imagine

 So rather than reliving the past, we explore together the PACE of your present life, your point A as I call it in 6 weeks, I call this the PERSONAL Alchemy journey.

๐Ÿ‘‰If personal development courses arenโ€™t giving you the peace and balance you have been yearning for, then it’s time to choose differently wouldnโ€™t you say?

In the case of the IT Professional, she stopped saying yes to a lot of the projects in her IT company, stopped coaching colleagues for free and instead got promoted. She also stopped bottling up a lot of her feelings of resentment towards her husband and started sharing them little by little. In the first 6 months of working with me she began to eliminate/delegate/replace what needed to be changed.

This was one of the ways she was able to have evenings and weekends with her family rather than being at work.

For the Coach, she told me that between March 2020 and June 2020 she was spending 40 hours in her Business 5 days per week.

Between July 2020 and December 2020, she started working 25 to 30 hours per week and even took 1 month off in August 2020.

And as I said before between March 2020 to June 2020, she had generated $0 in Business Revenue. She attributed this to the Pandemic. She has an Offline Coaching Business

๐Ÿ‘‰A big part of her Business growth was her decision (encouraged and supported by me) was to close her physical office and to go and see her parents and although she had considered this was hesitant about, she trusted her gut and had a whole month off her Business in August 2020.

๐Ÿ‘‰She also hired a family member to look after her 5-year-old son in September 2020 rather than rely on herself to supervise his online schoolwork. This resulted in her feeling freer during the day and she had more energy for him and herself during weekdays, weekends, and evenings.

๐Ÿ‘‰A big part of her business growth was that she was open to learn from me the ENERGY Patterns behind the PACE of her life. So, when she adopted a frantic pace and replaced it with a calmer pace, this calming effect calmed her mind, body and soul. The same with changing from a floaty pace to being more grounded, resulted in her feeling more in control. Similarly, when she felt she was fighting an uphill battle, to let go and delegate some tasks resulted in tasks being done quicker and effortlessly. She discovered that when there is flatness to her pace, by doing something that she enjoys and focussing on this first this results in more energy. This resulted in her doing easily essential tasks in her business or life that she usually avoids. 

Both the IT Professional and the Coach are really enjoying their life, they have found the peace and balance they always sought.

So, while it may seem simple just exploring in detail the PACE of your life and taking ALIGNED ACTION afterwards, it is an example that you can find peace and balance without spending years investing in personal development.

The IT Professional worked with me between January 2019 and October 2020

The Coach worked with me between July 2020 and December 2020 and is now working with me again since October 2021 whilst she is going through her divorce.

Helping my clients explore in a detailed way the pace of their life and enabling them to ask questions that allow them to find the peace, balance, calm and joy are the outcomes that my clients attain

The Coaches story and IT Professional story are the two success stories that highlight how Paceology helps High Achievers and High Performers

If you want to learn Paceology so you can start achieving MORE by doing less and attain similar success to the IT Professional or Coach then you can apply to work one on one with me by filling in this form and attending a 15 minute interview on Zoom or filling in tne contact form on the site

The Consultation is FREE but it is for serious applicants only and it is important you answer ALL the questions on the form in FULL

At the end of the Consultation, you will be either 

1.invited to embark on the spiritual alchemy quest my Signature Program where you can learn Paceology and a Stripe payment link will be shared on the Zoom call for ยฃ4444 and your first Zoom session will be scheduled for the following week with me so you can start on the personalalchemyjourney straight away or 

2. You will be given a strategy or tip or recording that can help you with your current challenge whatever that is.

3..i don’t charge for the 15 minutes Consultation but it you feel 15 minutes is not sufficient enough you can book a 45 minute session for ยฃ90 and you usually get tips and strategies on how to deal 2with your challenges m At the end of the consultation, you are guaranteed to walk away with a recording or strategy to help you whatever the challenge or you will be referred to a Coach or Expert that can help you. I have a wide network of trusted Coaches that I can refer you to.

So, whatever you happens during the Consultation it is a WIN WIN for you.

Please note The Financial Investment for learning Paceology on a 1:1 basis is ยฃ4444 and although the program is custom tailored to your lifestyle and needs and understanding it can last between 90 days to 180 days to 360 days depending on the pace of your progress

The bad news is I only take a limited number of Clients in any year on a one-to-one basis place and when these get filled up there is a waiting list. So, places are given on a first come first served basis. So, if you are interested in working with me on a one ro one basis you need to apply NOW Use the Calendly link to book a 15-minute call or to purchase a 45 minute one off consult for ยฃ90

There is a Strong likelihood that I will be raising the price of Learning Paceology in 2024 to ยฃ7777 and I will only be opening it to teach one individual so I would apply NOW

You have until 14th September 2022 to apply and then this Calendly link will be turned off at midnight British Summer time.

Please also note this is a package when you purchase it you also as well as the weekly Zoom calls get 24 hours 6 days per week support from me you have access to me in between calls via Facebook Messenger or emails. I promise to respond to your message within 48 hours. I usually do within 6 hours. You will also have my support for the whole time you sign up even if you achieve the Rapid Transformation within 7 days or 7 weeks. 

This is a 1:1 Program and in case of any questions leave them in the contact form or email me

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