When I work with Clients, I deeply respect their privacy. Maintaining Confidentiality is what I am known for.

Some people I serve are very much in the Public eye and if you are reading this and are too, feel rest assured that I take the Confidentiality of my Clients very seriously and endeavour to guard your privacy strenuously.

Most of the Clients I work with want to remain anonymous.

So the Testimonials that are on my website are usually from people with their names altered.

Their words are real though and give you a glimpse of what I do offer and the power of the Transformation that I provide.

Below is a Testimonial from Gohar, a 35 year old woman who works as a Child Protection Social Worker in the US.

Gohar came to me utterly burnt out. She had not been able to grieve for her father at all who had died, 18 months before she found me. She was very close to her father and felt very fragile after his death. Gohar was overwhelmed by the reality of supporting her mother who is very domineering and managing her younger brother’s anxiety and rescuing her older sister from the latest crisis that was playing out for her.

Gohar had spent most of her life on anti-depressants and was tired of being emotionally abused by her mother and taken for granted by her older sister.

Totally lost on why this cycle of abuse and depression and feelings of overwhelm kept repeating in her life, a Friend of hers saw her struggling and encouraged Gohar to sign up to a Coaching Program that would involve her working with me.

After just 5 sessions, this is what she said about her experience of working with me and what she discovered in February 2020.

Again Gohar is not her real name but she is a real person.

So although there is no photo, these words capture the Transformation I deliver.

Listening to Taniya tell me some truths about my life was really hard and not easy to hear.

These last couple of weeks have helped me focus. 

They have helped me to tackle the difficult things that I deal with in life like my mum and my job.

 I don’t lose my cool over stuff I have no control over.

 I have learnt alot about boundaries.

Finally Gohar sums up the invaluable and profound insight that most Clients attain when they work with me.

I was in a funk and now I am getting out of it.

 I have learnt that I have to invest in me, I have to take care of me in order to move forward and this requires conscious effort.

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