YOUR INVITATION TO THE Spiritual Alchemy Quest

This is YOUR Invitation to embark on #thespiritualalchemyquest with me #themuslimalchemist.

SHALOM SALAM Precious Soul, you have achieved a great deal in your life and I know you earnestly SEEK higher levels of #SUCCESS AND #SERENITY:

Embark on #thespiritualalchemyquest with me!

Let us together untangle the “#energetic knots” inside you that are blocking you from TRUE fulfillment through the 4-step Alchemical Process:

🔥 The Personal Alchemy Journey we EXCAVATE your thoughts & feelings about each area of your life to unearth the blockages within you. By exploring the Pace of your life and each area of your life, we will together help you face & NAME the underlying problem & pattern in your life.

🔥 The Identity Alchemy Journey – we examine sincerely your connection to each of these 5 key relationships:
  • God 
  • Family & Friends
  • Favorite Plants and Pets
  • Your Environment
  • Your Self.
🔥 By you establishing a deeper connection to to all these five key relationships, this will help you ACCEPT and not deny the underlying pattern and problem in your life.

🔥 The Practical Alchemy Journey learn to create a Space where you can replenish and fill your cup. You’ll CLAIM that space and learn to guard it like a precious jewel.

🔥 The Emotional Alchemy Journey now you are ready to transmute the emotions that have blocked your true aspirations from being realized. You transform these “energetic knots” inside to the pure GOLD you seek. This illuminates the hidden miracle buried underneath ALL your suffering, BREAKING you FREE from the imprisonment of self-deception.

The Spiritual Alchemical process is custom tailored to you and is delivered at the pace that’s right for you.

As a Spiritual Guide and Teacher, I invite you to take this remarkable journey with me to help you realize an achievement so profound, few High Achievers ever achieve SERENITY…….peace with yourself.

If you who have undertaken EXTENSIVE spiritual and personal development work before but STILL have a constant need to push forward and achieve more, but you know there’s something missing from all that you’ve accomplished, then The Spiritual Alchemy Quest will help you discover this missing PEACE in your life.

The length of this quest is up to you. You can complete the journeys in 7 weeks or 7 months. It is up to you. The effects are PERMANENT and life changing. During the Spiritual Quest, we study and reflect ancient Biblical and Quranic stories and explore how they are still being played out in your life and we use practices going back thousands of years.

The Financial Investment whether you take 7 weeks or 7 months to complete the journeys, is currently $4444 because you will be experiencing a #rapidtransformation thus saving you time, money and effort.
The Transformation that usually takes years or decades or even lifetimes to achieve, my previous clients have found has been achieved between 7 weeks to 12 weeks.

If you would like to take this very
personal #spiritualalchemyquest, then click the button below and start your journey to your higher self.

 Although it is not guaranteed typical results, my previous clients (The names of the Individuals have been changed to ensure privacy and confidentiality) that have worked with me have reported the following:
🔥 Liz in 2020 was not making any money in her Business for the previous 4 months, she generated $0 but after working with me for 180 days she generated $45000. She then generated another $45000 by herself using all the methods of pacing herself in the next 180 days.
🔥 Asma was on the verge of walking out on her marriage and suicidal, after working with me for 180 days, she discovered joy and fulfillment in her marriage, children and friendships and found the energy to start a Business.

🔥 Clara was struggling with her Business and also struggling in her marriage. She thought she had a physical genealogical condition. After working for 90 days with me and making a small practical change in her environment, she found out her fears stemming from her witnessing domestic violence was keeping her stuck. She started having regular sex with her husband which she had not had for 5 years. Clara then found the energy and clarity to niche down.

🔥 Fahima after 8 sessions with me has found the energy to birth a second Business. She is currently embarking on the Identity Alchemy journey and is loving life and finding joy in living again. She was previously struggling with her husband and her fear of him walking out. Constantly giving to others but not to him. She has found energy in a routine that fits her body and lifestyle.

These are just some of the Clients results that the #spiritualalchemyquest helps to facilitate.

If you are interested in embarking on the #spiritualalchemyquest then please listen to the short audio below to give you a taste of the adventure ahead before purchasing your ticket by clicking the gold button below.
Spiritual Alchemy Quest