Being Part One

Definition of Being

The Collins Student Dictionary defines one of the meanings of being, as the essential nature of the self. A word synonymous with being is essence. What is your way of being? What is your essence? We are all have a unique essence or way of being. We are all unique. You are unique. I know many of us do not value our uniqueness, our essence. Do you value your essence?

What makes you unique?
In this world we live in, where Social Media, more and more shapes our reality, without us even realising it, we constantly compare ourselves to others, we sometimes forget our own uniqueness. Growing up, I was shaped by the image that celebrites portrayed and projected. Nowadays we are shaped more and more by how our friends and family protray and project their lives onto Instagram and Snapchat and Facebook which is usually a fraction of their reality. But we take that fraction to be the whole. Soon we start losing the ability to decipher what really is real. We start feeling fractured. We start losing the connectedness to our essence and our ways of being get infected by an image or a moment, a fraction of our friend’s or relatives life. But we are whole human beings.

Our way of being is our spirit, our uniqueness, our essence. We do not have to apologise for it. Your vulnerabilities, your fragility, your mistakes, your imperfections, your flaws are what makes uniquely you. You need to celebrate all those things aswell as your strength, your resilence, your talents and your beauty. Your darkness and your light are both integral to who you are. Sometimes you do not see what others see and in the shade and shelter of darkness, gifts and ways of being can be nurtured like a womb nurtures life. I want you to celebrate you, smile and breathe and give thanks for all that you are, the rage, the irritations, the messiness, the mess ups, the smiles, the joy that you are.

I will be publishing more blogs about different ways of being in the next few weeks. Watch out for them. Meanwhile I hope you have found this one useful.

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