Who is Taniya Hussain?

Well this is me below.

And before I tell you a little about myself, I want to say if you are a Workaholic Male or a Parent of a boy aged 12 plus to 18 and are bi-lingual speaking English and Urdu/Hindi living in the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Australia or New Zealand, I am so full of joy that you found me. As it is my passion and deepest purpose to work with boys and men.

So let me tell you about myself, I am a Writer, a Transformational Coach, a Healer and a Spiritual Teacher.

My Clients have described me as a Spiritual Guide, and an Intuitive Healer.

My Coaches have described me as a Leader, Visionary and a Trailblazer.

All I want you to know about me is that I love writing, coaching, healing and teaching.

I love helping boys and men transform. I love holding space for the fragile and broken male psyche labelled mostly bad and providing a non-judgemental and nurturing space to free you from your addiction to prove yourself in Educational, Professional, Family and Entrepreneurial settings by shaping yourself to fit into the box that you feel confined by. I free you from your addiction by making your Unconscious Conscious and uprooting your Core beliefs that feed your work addiction. By the end of your time with me, you are able to identify another way of living that doesn’t rely on your default setting of working to numb yourself from current struggles and challenges. This also provides you clarity on where you can channel your energies and talents.

Where do I get my passion for helping boys and men. Well I qualified as a Social Worker in 1991 and have been working in a Multi-disciplinary Team in inner city London in the United Kingdom working mostly with boys aged 12 plus caught in the Criminal Justice System since 1997.

London is the city I have lived in for most of my life ever since I arrived in England in 1970 as a toddler.

I was born in Karachi, Pakistan and speak English and Urdu/Hindi fluently.

As well as being bi-lingual and bi-cultural having inhabited both British and Indo/Pakistani culture and lived in them and in between them and across them, I am also bi-spiritual feeling just at home in a Synagogue aswell as at a Mosque.

I have devoted alot of my spare time since 2003, engaging in Jewish-Muslim Dialogue mostly on an informal basis but occasionally formally too. This is long before it became fashionable and mainstream.

Since 1992, I have been studying Islam under a well known Female Scholar learning about Islamic Law, Islamic Ethics, Quranic and Hadith Sciences, Islamic Philosophy and Islamic Psychology, Islamic History and Islamic Mysticism aka Sufism.

Over the years, I have been asked to lead and teach workshops for Muslim and Interfaith groups as well as lead Prayers. I find in teaching Quran or Hadith (Sayings and Teaching of Prophet Muhammed), I actually learn so much more.

I got married in 1995 and am a Mother to three sons. In 1996 my first son was born and in 2001 my second and in 2007 my third son was born. I therefore love spending time with the four men in my life.

My Professional Training is Social Work and Psycho-dymamic Counselling. I often use the work of Jung and Winnicot as well as techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma Informed Practice Training, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Narrative Therapy in my Coaching and Consultancy sessions,

When I opened my Business in January 2018, I discovered I was a Healer and the gift I have is the ability to locate and untangle energetic knots stored in the body as a result of Trauma and Stress.

I have a unique art and talent and skill in treating somatic symptoms arising from Trauma and have developed my own method and modality that I use which you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Being bi-lingual speaking fluent Urdu/Hindi aswell as English, I am instinctively aware that language plays a significant part in shaping our psyche.

I have often see that when I deliver my Coaching Services in a Bi-lingual format in Urdu/Hindi & English, the transformation is more rapid and longer lasting than when it is delivered just in English.

That is why it gives me great pleasure and joy to bring the world of Transformational Coaching to Bi-Lingual Urdu/Hindi & English Speaking boys and Men.

I am proud to say that although this is a Business and brings money in, for me it is way more than that. This is because time and time again I have seen Consultations and Coaching inject a joy that heals and what unfolds is a priceless experience.

Because I have seen it in myself and so many Clients that when you transform a life, you transforms a marriage and a family and then communities and then countries and thus the world.

Vibrant men result in healthy marriages and healthy families absent from toxicity and thus healthier communities.

I know the transformations boys and men want when they approach me are a multitude. Whether that is seeking to be nightmare free after an experience of Sexual or Physical Abuse or to escape from a toxic marriage resulting from Domestic Violence to transform from lost and a burnt out parent to an assertive parent that can advocate for their child with Special Educational Needs.

Often many both Men and Women come to me because they are struggling Entrepreneurs who are lost and drowning in the sea of funnels, conflicting and contradictory advice available Online and the endless sea of Coaches that just do not understand the nuances and challenges of running a Business.

For those that have been in Business since January 2019 and are looking for this, I offer either a practical step by step, no nonsense advice or a bespoke consultancy service to help an Entrepreneur navigate the confusion and chaos.

This service is based on my own experience of having a Business since January 2018, hosting, preparing, marketing and launching an Online Summit and building and serving an email list from scratch aswell as creating and hosting and serving Facebook groups.

I have discovered more than anything that it is the inner work and mastering your fears in Business that helps you succeed and mastering your fears is what I help you do.

I teach all the stategies that kept me sane and stopped me giving up and give you an insider’s account on how to run an Online Business or any Business while working in a stressful job and managing a family.

If you are intrigued where I get the wisdom, I walk the Chisti path and if you are familiar with Islamic Spirituality, you will know how it favours and encourages curiosity of the other, whether that is faith or culture, where there is freedom to play and no restriction on embracing the other.

Interfaith has always enticed and enthralled me and I have regularly attended the Jewish Christian Muslim Conference held in Germany since 1970s.

Although I live a very busy and varied life, I love to play by writing and blogging and posting in the Private Facebook Groups I host.

These are

1. From Burn Out to Being Brilliantly Beautiful for anyone who is burnt out or wants to prevent burn out.

You can find this Group on Facebook

2.Playing with Paradox. You can find this Group on Facebook.

I also host a Private Facebook Group just for Urdu/Hindi Speakers called Zingadi badal ne hai to ah ge ah oh.

You can join the Group by clicking here.

I have a wide selection of Services available on this Website.

If you are interested in any of the Services and you are a man or a Parent of a boy aged 12 plus, I would love to hear from you.

All you need to do is email me at contact@taniyahussain.org or alternatively book the Service by clicking on the link below.

When you book, I will then email you details on how to book a Clarity call.

Clarity Calls are the only service that is free and are a good way to determine if we are a good fit to working together.

Please fill in the form when you book as fully and honestly as you can because your answers will determine how best I can help you.