About Taniya Hussain

Taniya brands herself as The Muslim Alchemist because she is The Muslim Alchemist. Unchanged:
Unchanged: She developed Muslim Alchemy after discovering Shadow Alchemy in July 2019. She found the Inventor of this powerful modality, Lorna Gabriel, Online. Unchanged:
Unchanged: Taniya started using this powerful modality every minute of her day for the rest of 2019 and was surprised how she got rid of decades of anxiety. After a few months, she stopped taking medication for anxiety, which she had been on since 2007. Unchanged:
Unchanged: In 2020 when the Pandemic hit, Taniya started developing Shadow Alchemy colouring it with her own extensive experience of the Bible and Quran. Unchanged:
Unchanged: Having studied under a Muslim scholar Halima Krausen since 1992 and engaging with Rabbis, Pastors and Imams in Interfaith Dialogue since 2003, developing Muslim Alchemy is a passion for Taniya and which she is continually progressing into an art and a science,  as well as making it into a practical spiritual tool for herself and others. Unchanged:
Unchanged: Having held Space for Individuals in crisis since 1987 as an Incest Crisis Line Counsellor, then working as a Social Worker since 1991 on the front lines in London UK, Muslim Alchemy is a natural progression for Taniya. She says proudly that Social workers are today’s natural alchemists creating hope from shitty situations. Unchanged:
Unchanged: For Taniya in discovering Shadow Alchemy and the Archetypes, whilst building her Online Business which she started in January 2018, she has gone back to her psycho-dynamic roots as she trained at Goldsmiths College in London from 1991 to 1993, specialising in Jungian Analysis. It is a breath of fresh air for her to embrace Jungian Analysis not as Theory for the Therapist and develop it as a practical Self-Help Spiritual and Psychological tool.  Unchanged: .
Unchanged: Taniya is an Intuitive Healer, Mentor, Spiritual Teacher and Guide. Unchanged:
Unchanged: Her 1 to 1 Online Private and Group Paid Programs, give rapid and lasting Transformations. She has helped Clients, who mostly like herself, have been Workaholics, get rid of years of anxiety. Unchanged:
Unchanged: Since January 2018 Taniya has helped Unchanged:
Unchanged: Client M who was an Insomniac, be nightmare free in 90 days. Unchanged:
Unchanged: Client B who was not able to eat solids for several years, be able to eat solids in 90 days Unchanged:
Unchanged: Client L whose Business was decimated due to the Pandemic and who had $0 coming in for first 3 months of 2020, generate $45000 in 180 days. Unchanged:
Unchanged: Taniya, as a recovered Workaholic, is passionate about her mission in life, which is to make other Workaholics conscious about their Workaholism, which affects every area of their lives and can be so damaging. Unchanged:
Unchanged: For 4 decades she really suffered by being mostly Unconscious of it. Once she became conscious in late 2017, Taniya started enjoying life and was able to end the Internal nightmare of trying to prove she is enough and distracting herself through work from dealing with painful situations in her life. She now has strategies she uses to stop herself becoming burnt out which she says is a symptom of Workaholism. She teaches these same strategies to her Clients. Unchanged:
Unchanged: Her Online Business, she also uses to have the conversation in public, about the effects of Workaholism and how as an addiction, it is actually celebrated by mainstream culture and society, which collectively encourages it. This  leaves many  Workaholics struggling to deal with it on their own. Professionals only dealing with burn out Workaholics suffer from, the symptom and not the cause Workaholism . That is why Taniya is so passionate about having this conversation, especially as no one was there for her when she was struggling with it. She also finds few places Online, dealing with the issue where an in depth, nuanced conversation is taking place. Where the Truth is expressed that Workaholism, is the cause of Burn Out, Anxiety, Depression, Marriage Difficulties, Parenting problems, Chronic Health Issues, Terminal Illness etc. Taniya has discovered that like herself, most Workaholics are struggling with these symptoms alone, even though publicly they are perceived as very successful. Unchanged:
Deleted: That is why she posts daily on Facebook in the Private Facebook Group, she hosts called From Workaholic to playing BIG. The title of the Group has been her journey.  If you are a Workaholic who wants to play BIG like her, you can join the Group by clicking on the link below: Added:
Unchanged: https://www.facebook.com/groups/369127526965958 Unchanged:
Unchanged: Taniya lives in Surrey, England with her husband whom she married in 1995 and has three sons, born in 1996, 2001 and 2007. Unchanged:   
Unchanged: In her Spare time, Taniya loves writing poetry and about her creative struggles and dreams of becoming a published writer. She also watches Films and loves the Theatre,especially Musicals.