The Muslim Alchemist

Taniya Hussain

Counsellor & Consultant

Creating Your Sanctuary

Transforming Your Challenges into Triumphs

Transformational Services

Enter a transformative realm where age-old spiritual wisdom and modern psychology unite, all under the masterful guidance of an expert counsellor and consultant.

As your guide, Taniya will infuse the mystical principles of spiritual alchemy with in-depth psychodynamic techniques. 

Leveraging performance-informed training, she meticulously crafts a path tailored to your individual needs.

Together, you will traverse the journey from raw potential to gleaming success, reshaping challenges into powerful catalysts for growth and achievement.

Taniya’s services offer a unique blend of traditional wisdom, modern techniques, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by high performers and achievers.

One to One Sessions

One to one coaching with Taniya will guide you and enable you to identify and break life long patterns that keep you stuck.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are tailored for high achievers and high performers who are creatives, coaches, therapists and healers. These drop in sessions provide a non judgemental safe space where you can connect, reflect, learn and practice new techniques.

The Reflective Space

Every high performer needs a reflective space somewhere safe to let it all out and to be heard and seen. Somewhere non judgemental that encourages connection, consistency, collaboration and growth.


Holistic Approach for High Achievers
Taniya offers 1:1 and Group sessions tailored for High Achievers and High Performers.
She offers different packages but all are based on providing a safe and non judgemental space via a therapeutic and holistic and multi- modal approach.
All packages offer you the opportunity to learn the 3 S’s method, the M.A.G.I.C.A.L method, Paceology, Muslim Alchemy as well as to embark on the Spiritual Alchemy Quest which Taniya is continually refining.
Affordable Packages
1:1 Packages

Start from £90 for a one off Consultation of 45 minutes.

Other packages range from £2500 for 8 sessions, to £5000 for personally tailored V.I.P packages, and for Taniyas 4 week intensive packages.

Taniya also offers 4, 6, 9 and 12 months, 18 and 24 months Packages.

Bilingual Service

For those who speak Urdu, Taniya offers to deliver sessions in both English and Urdu ensuring a more personalised and culturally sensitive approach.

Proven Results

Clients who have hired Taniya as a Consultant have experienced RAPID Transformations.

One IT Professional who had been suffering from Crohn’s disease for 7 years and living on a liquid diet became pain free and steroid medication free and started eating solid foods in 18 months.

One Coach who was on the verge of bankruptcy generated $90000 in 360 days.

Rich Experience and Fusion of Knowledge
Taniya brings to the table 3 decades of experience as a social worker and working psycho dynamically with children, teenagers, survivors, professionals and parents as well as studying under the famous scholar Halima Krausen since 1993. She fuses Islamic Psychology with Jungian Psychology.


If you are interested in any of the Services for yourself or someone else or want to know what exactly the 3 S are or the M.A.G.I.C.A.L method or Muslim Alchemy is then Taniya invites you to book a 45 minute consultation with her on Zoom.

You will be gifted the recording and will walk away with a Strategy or a series of tips to deal with your challenges.

The Financial Investment for this Consultation is a one fee of £90.

You are invited to fill in a short form as fully and honestly as you can and this will help Taniya serve you more effectively and efficiently during the Consultation.

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