June 22, 2019

Diary of an Entrepreneur

I write these daily blogs and wonder if they are helping you, yes YOU, who are reading this blog right now.

I wonder and then at the same time I know in my gut, of course it does. Yes I know it helps you feel less alone. Suddenly you feel sane and not crazy.

Emerging as an Entrepreneur is an exciting journey but a treacherous one.

I write these blogs because they help me. When I started this journey in January 2018, I wish I found something like it, an everyday insight, a daily insight into the ups and downs.

While a retrospective look inspires, I feel a honest reflection of the challenges and dilemmas is missing online.

Very few entrepreneurs really tell you how it is unless they are coaching you directly and I know if you are thinking of starting a Business. this blog is for you. If you have already started a Business and are struggling, this is for you. If you are scaling your Business, this is for you.

Entrepreneurship is lonely and for a woman juggling a job and a Business aswell as a family, it can be the most soul destroying as well as soul inspiring process.

Yes it is both at the same time!

I discovered Entrepreneurship late in life at 48 years of age.

I have no regrets embarking on this journey.

So as you go on this journey with me, let me introduce myself to you.

Below you will find a photo of me taken in Portugal a few months ago.

My husband took the photo when we were on the way to the beach. I am relaxed but not as relaxed as I am right now writing this blog.

Why am I relaxed right now?

After ten days of writing this blog every day, I am so much more clearer on the why of my Business. In April 2019, when this photo was taken my why was not that clear.

The why was more to do with leaving my Social Work job and generating a certain amount of revenue so I can live more comfortably.

The why was about paying off my debts, paying off my mortgage, donating to charity and very short sighted, I realise now.

These whys are still important to me but are the wrapping paper of my real why. The real why is really my prize for this Business.

It is why I started my Business in the first place. To be there for a woman like you out there, feeling all alone and struggling and desperate and help you out of this dark lonely place.

It is to be there for you because I know very few understand how lonely it is to be burnt out, depleted and exhausted, especially when you like me, have always been so highly driven and ambitious.

The paradox of this reality you and I feel and what defines you and me, so few understand.

I just want to extend my hand out in this crowded online space and wave at you to say I am here!

These blogs may inspire you or they may infuriate you.

To know that yesterday, I woke up being very clear on what exactly I had to do may do exactly that.

If I resonate with you, this blog will inspire you and if I do not, it will infuriate you.

But it is true I knew exactly what I needed to do for my Business. It was to serve my email list by drafting, testing and scheduling the weekly email and to write the daily blog and post in the Facebook group and on my Business Page. I spent an hour doing the email and then went had dinner at my mums with my two brothers and my sister in laws and nephews and nieces, alongside my husband and sons.

At 10pm I finished scheduling Facebook Group posts and posting on my Business Page.

I know to be consistent is what earns the trust of prospective customers.

I am proud I have been consistent with this daily blog.

Yesterday after coaching one of my Clients from 5pm to 6pm, I had a 40 minutes telephone call with a Lawyer about Coaching agreements, Privacy policies and Professional Indemnity Insurance. From 640pm to 740pm, I focussed on writing an email to people that have subscribed to receiving emails from me. I shared in this email an interview with a Coach who has overcome some harrowing adverse life situations including burn out.

I surprised myself as to how focussed I was yesterday. However, after discovering my real why to this Business which is impacting isolated women, emailing a few hundred people has become easier.

It gives me joy when I reach isolated women and help them heal from burn out.

Burn out unfortunately is all too common among Entrepreneurs.

I know I am going to reach you soon.

Because this world needs you, like it needed me.

I so remember hearing a Coach tell me at end of 2017 “Right now you feel there is no light only darkness, trust me there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it is coming”

I am saying the same thing to you.

Trust me, your time is coming!

If anything in this blog has really resonated with you and you would like to discuss the subject further with Taniya privately then use this link.




Taniya Hussain qualified as a Social Worker in 1991 from Coventry University in England. She has been working on the front lines, consistently holding space for individuals and families for three decades especially, children and young people on the margins of society. Taniya studied Psycho-dynamic counselling from 1991 to 1993 at Goldsmiths College in London. Taniya met Sheikha Halima Krausen in 1992 and has been studying Islam with her ever since especially Mystical Islam, Tassawuf (Sufism) and walks on the Chisti path. Taniya really started using the power of Jungian Pyschology and Mystical Islam when she started her Online Coaching and Consultancy Business in 2018 and discovered she was a powerful healer. When she discovered Shadow Alchemy in 2019, she started developing this modality into Muslim Alchemy in 2020. She now brands herself as the Muslim Alchemist because she is constantly integrating her knowledge of the Quran and Bible with her vast Social Work experience and her extensive ability of applying Psycho-dynamic, therapeutic techniques to organisational settings, team dynamics and when working with individuals and groups. This has both Online and Offline. Taniya uses skillfully her understanding of the Shadow, that Jung constantly talked about and her Mystical Training plus her experience in inter-faith dialogue since 2003, to help individuals and groups become conscious of what they previously were unconscious of leading to rapid success in their Business, Health and Relationships. Taniya has a great skill in being able to see the blind spots in others and in untanging energetic knots (a term she uses for Shadow) to promote healing from mental and physical disease. She uses her vast expertise and skills to help her Online Clients to get rid of decades of anxiety causing insomnia, depression and suicidal thoughts and marital problems. Clients usually are healed in a short amount of time never needing to invest in Therapy again. She really is the Muslim Alchemist as she turns the shitty experience of clients into golden experiences where they manifest upgraded, wealth, health and relationships all at the same time. Taniya got married in 1995 and has three sons born in 1996, 2001 and 2003 and lives in Surrey, England and when she is not developing Muslim Alchemy, she loves to spend time with her family and write fiction stories, songs and poems. She speaks fluent English and Urdu and basic German and French and is learning Arabic and Hebrew.


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