June 27, 2019

Impact vs Empire?

As I progress on this journey some insights really persist.

The why of embarking this journey may have started with having time freedom and financial freedom.

They no longer are.

I have experienced what many others have or are.

I feel I was duped into thinking the following:

It is easy to build a business all you need is an Email list.

It is easy to build a business all you need is to do daily Facebook lives.

It is easy to build a Business all you need to do is have a daily task, monthly goals and an accountability system.

It is easy to build a Business all you need to do is have an opt in like an ebook or video series on your website.

The truth is it is not easy to build an Online Business.

You cannot do just one thing, you need to do many things.

You need time, energy and space.

Building a Business takes time and there is no such thing as being an overnight success.

There is no template or system out there that works. Because what works for you may not work for me.

And systems need to be adapted and tweaked.

It is getting harder and harder as the Online space is becoming crowded and noisier and the public are becoming cynical.

However that is no reason to give up.

To be successful, you need to forget about the cynics or convert the cynics and you can only do that with honesty and integrity.

The Business world still has some people like that and those that do well are those that value those two ways of being.

The whole raison d’etre of my becoming an Entrepreneur is to impact as many individuals as I can with my gifts and talents and with my honesty and integrity.

The joy I get when Clients thank me for giving them an insight or shifting some negative energy is priceless.

However I see a development in the Personal Development Industry that many forget about growing and wanting to create an impact nd start focusing on building 6 figure empires instead.

I came across this Industry by accident in November 2017.

I was very naive and although I am still a newbie, I have seen so many shifts and emerging trends as the market place evolves.

Some of the shifts I do not like.

Some I do.

One of the shift is that trust and integrity is key and hard selling is being replaced by more practices borrowed from the dating world.

To attract Clients rather than chase after Clients.

To build relationships rather than see them as leads.

To focus on quality rather than quantity.

All these things is what my Business is about.

That is why I only work with three Clients in a given year.

I have two paid clients now and want to attract a third.

I work deeply and intensively with a Client and give them 100 percent.

I work with them one on one and using my three decades of working therapeutically with Clients, I help them improve their relationships with themselves and that helps them improve their relationships with other people, money, God, their body and health, time etc.

I also am grounded in not seeing my relationships with my Clients as me giving my time for their money.

What I have always known is that I offer a transformation. My clients lives transform dramatically and very quickly.

I have shifted in my mindset from an Employee who offers their skills for payment to an Entrepreneur who offers a transformation and that is usually priceless.

Clients come to me burnt out by their Profession or Business and finding and after three months usually they are nightmare free or resentment free or anxiety free.

I heal

I counsel

I advise

I release

I guide

I support

I coach

Integrity is something you have to really seek to find.

It is felt in your gut usually.

I have no fancy website but I do offer fabulous results.

I write from the heart.

I coach from the heart.

I wanted to share this with you today, you who have been accompanying me on this journey.

I hope you join me tomorrow too.

Till then.

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Taniya Hussain qualified as a Social Worker in 1991 from Coventry University in England. She has been working on the front lines, consistently holding space for individuals and families for three decades especially, children and young people on the margins of society. Taniya studied Psycho-dynamic counselling from 1991 to 1993 at Goldsmiths College in London. Taniya met Sheikha Halima Krausen in 1992 and has been studying Islam with her ever since especially Mystical Islam, Tassawuf (Sufism) and walks on the Chisti path. Taniya really started using the power of Jungian Pyschology and Mystical Islam when she started her Online Coaching and Consultancy Business in 2018 and discovered she was a powerful healer. When she discovered Shadow Alchemy in 2019, she started developing this modality into Muslim Alchemy in 2020. She now brands herself as the Muslim Alchemist because she is constantly integrating her knowledge of the Quran and Bible with her vast Social Work experience and her extensive ability of applying Psycho-dynamic, therapeutic techniques to organisational settings, team dynamics and when working with individuals and groups. This has both Online and Offline. Taniya uses skillfully her understanding of the Shadow, that Jung constantly talked about and her Mystical Training plus her experience in inter-faith dialogue since 2003, to help individuals and groups become conscious of what they previously were unconscious of leading to rapid success in their Business, Health and Relationships. Taniya has a great skill in being able to see the blind spots in others and in untanging energetic knots (a term she uses for Shadow) to promote healing from mental and physical disease. She uses her vast expertise and skills to help her Online Clients to get rid of decades of anxiety causing insomnia, depression and suicidal thoughts and marital problems. Clients usually are healed in a short amount of time never needing to invest in Therapy again. She really is the Muslim Alchemist as she turns the shitty experience of clients into golden experiences where they manifest upgraded, wealth, health and relationships all at the same time. Taniya got married in 1995 and has three sons born in 1996, 2001 and 2003 and lives in Surrey, England and when she is not developing Muslim Alchemy, she loves to spend time with her family and write fiction stories, songs and poems. She speaks fluent English and Urdu and basic German and French and is learning Arabic and Hebrew.


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