May 10, 2023

I in the M.A.G.I.C.A.L method

I in the M.A.G.I.C.A.L method stands for Inspiration

And before I say anything more this is inspiration that comes from your soul, the Universal Intelligence that I refer to as God.

My method to attain peace and balance has NOTHING to do with black magic or any kind of magic, although learning this method does feel MAGICAL.

I am not a New Age Spirituality Guru or Preacher

I am grounded in a Spiritual tradition that goes back to the beginning of time.

I am The Muslim Alchemist

Not the only one there have been others before but what I teach is based on a written tradition and an oral tradition that has been handed from one generation to the next

From Adam to Muhammed
Peace be upon them

I come from a Mystical tradition in India

My great grandfather was known as a Sufi in Bihar and Hindus and Muslims visit his grave.

Both my Grandfathers were both Scholars of Islam graduating from Al Nadwa College. My paternal grandfather taught Islam Studies and was a Professor in Karachi Pakistan. My Material grandfather was a Professor in Patna India.
I myself have been learning about Islam Quranic Sciences Hadith Sciences Philosophy and Islamic Psychology since 1992 and studying the Quran and ths Bible since 2003

I have learnt from the very best Muslim scholars in Britain and Europe and the very best Rabbis in Israel and Britain and the very best Pastors and Lay Christians in Britain and Europe

And the inspiration that I ask you to follow is not tainted by NEW AGE Spirituality

When I ask you to listen to what you are inspired to do as a result of your periods of Meditation and Abstention, I still ask you to be discerning about that which you are inspired to say, share, do.

There is inspiration that comes from the ego and energies that really are there to keep you stuck and sabotage your success

And then there is inspiration that comes from the Divine that wants you to move forward that doesn’t want you to be codependent on anyone or anything

To truly understand takes discernment and being very careful who you surround yourself by, what you read and who you are influenced by.

That is why meditating and mulling really helps and abstaining from digital devices from time to time enabled you to be inspired to take action that leads you to be successful in a way that gives you an inner peace and balance.

Because how can your outer life be at peace and balance if your inner life isn’t?

This gives you the environment and Space to discern

This gives you the TIME to discern

And the MULLING and the MEDITATION and the Abstention will result in you being INSPIRED to say what you always wanted to say but were too scared to, share what you heart desperately wanted to but you didn’t have the ENERGY for and DO what the rest of the world will say you are CRAZY that you are doing

But because you have been GROUNDED in GRATITUDE this will give you the strength to do what you are inspired to do or say what you are inspired to say

So I ask you to take the plunge after you have discerned where the inspiration is coming from to do what you are inspired and to say what you are inspired to say.

Have faith in God that it will help you RELEASE that has been weighing on your heart

I pray that it does and helps you find the FREEDOM and the PEACE and the JOY that you have been seeking most of your life.



Taniya Hussain qualified as a Social Worker in 1991 from Coventry University in England. She has been working on the front lines, consistently holding space for individuals and families for three decades especially, children and young people on the margins of society. Taniya studied Psycho-dynamic counselling from 1991 to 1993 at Goldsmiths College in London. Taniya met Sheikha Halima Krausen in 1992 and has been studying Islam with her ever since especially Mystical Islam, Tassawuf (Sufism) and walks on the Chisti path. Taniya really started using the power of Jungian Pyschology and Mystical Islam when she started her Online Coaching and Consultancy Business in 2018 and discovered she was a powerful healer. When she discovered Shadow Alchemy in 2019, she started developing this modality into Muslim Alchemy in 2020. She now brands herself as the Muslim Alchemist because she is constantly integrating her knowledge of the Quran and Bible with her vast Social Work experience and her extensive ability of applying Psycho-dynamic, therapeutic techniques to organisational settings, team dynamics and when working with individuals and groups. This has both Online and Offline. Taniya uses skillfully her understanding of the Shadow, that Jung constantly talked about and her Mystical Training plus her experience in inter-faith dialogue since 2003, to help individuals and groups become conscious of what they previously were unconscious of leading to rapid success in their Business, Health and Relationships. Taniya has a great skill in being able to see the blind spots in others and in untanging energetic knots (a term she uses for Shadow) to promote healing from mental and physical disease. She uses her vast expertise and skills to help her Online Clients to get rid of decades of anxiety causing insomnia, depression and suicidal thoughts and marital problems. Clients usually are healed in a short amount of time never needing to invest in Therapy again. She really is the Muslim Alchemist as she turns the shitty experience of clients into golden experiences where they manifest upgraded, wealth, health and relationships all at the same time. Taniya got married in 1995 and has three sons born in 1996, 2001 and 2003 and lives in Surrey, England and when she is not developing Muslim Alchemy, she loves to spend time with her family and write fiction stories, songs and poems. She speaks fluent English and Urdu and basic German and French and is learning Arabic and Hebrew.


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